Saturday, December 6, 2014

Missionaries are Pranksters!

 Thanksgiving I had exchanges. It was a normal day. But that's fine. I love it. I love the food. I don't like citas that fall through. I don't like being disobedient. We don't do dinner. We do comida (2 oclock) We have it with members every day but p day. (Needless to say our Relief Society president is the boss) I should be with Elder Sosa for my entire training (3 months) We are more in the city. I'm going to try to send some pictures today. It is all hills here. We live in a very large neighborhood called Galaxia. We actually spent a few hours in the Centro (downtown) today. It was super cool. Giant cathedrals, stores, 5 peso tacos (so good) It was cool. My Spanish? I'll let you guys tell me on Christmas ;D I'm at a level of Spanish that is hard for me to imagine. Every day I think about the fact that I speak a second language. The spirit helps a lot. We have 6 missionaries in our ward. It is cold when we run in the morning. BTW I've been pretty fit lately. Elder Sosa and I work out for realz. We're trying to be Nephites, because in every picture of a nephite they are huge. Well I'm glad Pappap is ok :D He's such a good guy. Tell him and everyone else that I love them. I had a dream with him in it.  Thanks for the scripture. I really like that one. Have you all seen the He is the gift video? (El es la Dadiva) It is awesome. Could you share stories of our ancestors? It can be anything from anyone. Your Mom, Dad's parents. Anything. I'd like to know more. I'm going to fill out my My Family pack this week. Can you and dad write a short autobiography of your lives for my pack?  I've had a good week. We had a lot of meetings this week, and We didn't have very good numbers this week because we had those meetings and a last minute move with the sister missionaries. Everything has been going well we are working harder. We did finally get some member lists that president has been asking us for. I love you guys. I hope everything goes well preparing for Navidad.
- My companion and our district leader did exchanges the other day, and left the toilet covered in poop. They filmed me seeing it. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE. They told me after that it was a chocolate, oatmeal, ketchup, jello mixture :D I'll try to send the pictures. :D
Love you too Dad,
Elder Dazey

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