Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Growth is Amazing!

   I studied about pride this morning. I was reading in the teachings of President Benson and some other scriptures. My studies have taught me a lot about what I am like, what God wants me to be like, and who I need to be for future experiences in my life. I found that the deep water doesn't get shallow. (That is Benji’s way of saying that when the Lord wants you to be learning and things get hard that it just means  you’re going to learn even more) I'm glad it doesn't :D I love being here with Elder Corral. I am learning so much.
This week was wonderful. We had a great training meeting last Tuesday for new Elders and their trainers. We are very excited to work every day. We are doing well in the 12 weeks program. I think Elder Corral is progressing well. I have found that these principles that I'm learning are totally changing our studies and our relationship. We had a new investigator this week that had been a reference from about 3 months ago, but we were able to work with the member to have a lesson. He accepted another! He began to talk with the member, and said that he was very interested in the church. This same investigator would hide from us before because his mom didn't want him to listen!
We're going to see some more baptisms in the district-lots of interviews. Sadly all of our progressing investigators fell through- we're going to get to work with some of them and find some new investigators this week. 
    Things are going well. Time flies when you're serving the Lord. I can't imagine how fast the other half of my mission is going to be.
We've been working some more with the home teachers this week. The Bishop has had us working with them and so we've been in that process. One of our good friends-David-wasn't going out to visit with us, but he's started back again. (That investigator was his friend. He got pretty excited) I hope that things keep going well with you guys. I'm praying for you and I love you. 

Elder Dazey 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

It's amazing how important the Sabbath day is. We've found that those who stop going to church almost always start breaking other serious laws of God-The Word of Wisdom, Chastity, tithing (which you can't really pay if you don't go ), and they lower their standards. We were actually talking about that today- About how people are going to need to have a personal conversion and complete with those laws- or it's going to be a toasty time when the Savior comes. I think it was President Hinckley that said that we as citizens of the earth are the reason that businesses open Sundays-because we are the ones that use their services. I love how Preach My Gospel says it- "Our Sabbath-day behavior is a reflection of our commitment to honor and worship God. By keeping the Sabbath day holy, we show God our willingness to keep our covenants." 
   The Sabbath Day is a covenant that we have between us and "When a community or nation grows careless in its Sabbath activities, its religious life decays and all aspects of life are negatively affected.
    Thanks for everything that you are doing Mom, and for your great example. I'm super excited to have a nephew! Sorry- I told Dad How excited I was about it, but I guess I didn't send it in my letter to you. That's wonderful!
Well- in two weeks we have found 11 new investigators. We have found family members of members that we have always visited that aren't members, and their family never gave the referral. We've been working super-duper hard, and we're getting better every day. We're having lots of fun and learning a lot together. 
And to Ken he wrote: I forgot to tell you last week- but I must thank you for a contact that we made last week. We were passing by a cake shop when I heard "battle horn." I turned and saw that the man was on his computer. I recognized that sound-he was playing Age of Empires. What a surprise. We started talking about the game, and we had a lesson about the Sabbath day in that moment. We found that he was good friends of someone in the ward. He is very open and accepted baptism-sadly the sister missionaries are now going to teach him because he lives in their area, but it was a cool experience- and I thought- Thanks Dad.
 The work is great- and I've studied a few times this week about charity to get myself more consecrated and loving. 
So...maybe it wasn't the temple temple-but it was an extension of the temple. Remember when I said that I saw a temple dedication while I was in the MTC? The same thing happened here but with the Mexico City Temple. It was awesome. President Eyring dedicated the temple and Elder Holland was there with him. It was fantastic. We saw the dedication in the stake building which was made an extension of the temple for a day. We also got to see the cultural presentation Saturday night. It was all about the history of the Church in Mexico. They did a great job. One day I'd like to be in one of the church theater presentations.
   Well- We're going to have a meeting for the new Elders and trainers tomorrow. I'm pretty excited. It should be good. Lot's of things are happening! For the first time in all of the time that I have been in this area we have investigators that are progressing. WHAT WHAT! THAT'S SO AWESOME! Hopefully everything will go smoothly. One of them is Atheist but super willing to know-and she already prayed about the Book of Mormon and got an answer- just that she isn't sure. Another has been to church about a million times and accepted baptism-like-accepted-not like a tentative plan-like he already has a testimony. We are so excited. There are Miracles that are happening here. These investigators are ready! I love it! We'll keep working hard and we'll keep learning. I am so glad to be here with Elder Corral. There are things that I wouldn't be learning if I were in any other situation.
 Well, I love you guys. I hope that everything is going well. ALWAYS GIVE REFERENCES. DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE MISSIONARIES FIND YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND BAPTIZE THEM. SEND THE MISSIONARIES-IN FACT ACCOMPANY THE MISSIONARIES TO THEIR HOUSE AND INVITE THEM. You can see that I feel very strongly about these things. It's wonderful when we find new investigators- but I can't imagine how sad I would feel to find that my friends are accepting the gospel and that I never invited them. Just a thought. I'll be sending so many referrals when I get home. Sorry for the random thought-it's been on my mind lately- because it's already happened many times.
Elder Dazey

The first picture is one of those giant things that men swing upside down on. And it's huge! They do a big party here called the Atlixcayotontli- look Atlixco up in youtube-it's cool.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Growth Brings Miracles

I think that I mis-interpreted the tone of Benji’s letter last week. To me he sounded stressed out and frazzled but to him, I think he was expressing renewed determination. I tried to write of encouragement this week and he let me know he is fine and growing through his experiences every day. Here is what he said:
There are not times when I have not put forth my all. I am always trying my best. My best hasn't always been perfect. I'm glad for this service. The thing is that I have changed so much. I treat people differently. I invite better. I am always very happy with the people. Could I be better? yes. The stress is something that gets me to do things better. If I don't have stress, I can't improve. It's something that I think has really helped me this week. As I think about how to get better and I work my hardest and think and pray-That's when the inspiration comes. That's when I know what God wants of me. When I walk until I crawl and I just keep going-spiritually and sometimes physically-that's when the grace comes. That's when the miracles happen. I think that sometimes that's why more miracles happen “in the last 30 minutes”, when I’m about used up. It's always after we've given our all. I stress-but I'm happy. I think about what I can do better so that I can be better. Does knowing that I need to change something bring stress? Yes. Repentance-although it may be repentance of a sin that I didn't know about before- is always painful-but always brings more happiness.
   About the thoughts of what I should have accomplished-you're right. I shouldn't ever think those thoughts. If I'm putting my all-that's enough. I just always like to get better.
   Sorry that I don't have much time to talk about my week. It was good-We found new investigators. Don't worry about me. I'm doing fine. 
Elder Dazey
Ps. The picture is of the family that the sister brought to baptism this week!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Being Organized and not freaking out!

   I'm trying super hard. Keep praying for me. Miracles are ready to come, I just need more faith. I need to give more love. It is REALLY strange to be almost half way through my mission. I don't like the feeling. It doesn't feel right. I feel like a sophomore. Like a Wise Fool in my spiritual progression. SO MUCH TO FEEL! SO MUCH TO LEARN! I need that. It is a little strange to train again but my companion is learning a ton. Especially of English. I don't think that I have had such good language studies in all my mission. I made a daily schedule and goals for my study-thank you PMG (Preach My Gospel). I am learning a lot from him. From the experience and from his willingness to work.

    Well, this week has been so different. I remember what it was like to train Elder Hale, and so I am trying to do things better. Elder Corral learns fast, and is a really good missionary. We get along really well. 
  We have some plans to start baptizing. I have realized that it is super easy to not focus in the mission with someone so new. We are working hard- just that our conversations are not focused enough. We've already had to make many changes, but I'm going to keep having us make more changes. I realized that I have been obedient for so long that obedience has become second nature, but I can't stop improving. I need to do it.  I have people to help. I'm already seeing many reasons why it was important for me to train someone now. For my sake, for his sake, for the area, and because the Lord will reveal many things that He has not yet revealed to me. I need to listen to the spirit more. I just know that I have many things that I still need to do-and I need some stress if I want to be a better missionary. (I have always functioned better under stress than when things are easy). I got myself organized this week. I got my exercise and diet organized. I got my night schedule reorganized. I got my studies more organized. God taught me a simple plan to start baptizing families. 
   Elder Corral is doing really well. This transfer is going to be amazing. It will change our missions and our lives. I can already feel it. This is a marvelous work. I am excited to one day fall at the feet of my Savior and tell him what I have done. He's blessing us both a lot right now. We are happy. We got a new investigator this week that was the brother of a less active. He started off saying that he didn't want to come to church when we saw him in the street. I almost walked past him. The Spirit told me to teach him. We did. He accepted baptism and we hope to see him progress-for some reason he didn't come to church-but that didn't get us down. We have a plan. We have a vision. We might just need more faith.
  I love you guys so much!

-Elder DAZEY