Monday, November 24, 2014

Learning About Christ

I told Benji: To Start out, We invited two families to church for yesterday and Julia invited a few friends and no one came. Well, as Dad said, it was 'invite a friend to church Sunday' not 'make sure your friend gets to church' Sunday. Oh, well, we tried.
And He responded: Well you did what you could. You invited and you followed up. It sounds like you're a great missionary to me :D Tell Pappap I love him and to get better. It would probably be good if at some point he recieved a priesthood blessing. I'm so glad he's doing well though.
 I also told Benji about Julia's All County Band Concert and how she has been invited to be in All County Orchestra and his response was: 
Woah Julia. Dang. You go girl! That sounds like it was an awesome concert! I was so surprised looking at my family tree and seeing some of the work that you had done. It really is wonderful.
I also share the following story with Benji.
 I have started reading an article  where the man said that he took his family to see paintings Christ that were lined up in the order of His life. Each family member described what was happening in a painting and when it got to the Dad's turn, he saw the picture of Christ on the cross and said that this was where Christ died. His two little children said, 'No Daddy. He is alive.' He says:      I stooped down to ask them to use their quiet voices and to explain more about the Crucifixion. That’s when I saw what they were seeing. From their angle, we could see on the glass partition the reflection of one painting superimposed on another painting. One was the painting of the Lord on the cross, and the other was the painting of His Resurrection. In both paintings His arms are stretched out, in the one on the cross and in the other as He is leaving the tomb. When I first saw the paintings imposed one on the other, it startled me. In that moment the images seemed to match perfectly. It seemed as if I were looking at the Savior’s spirit leaving His body on the cross.
Upon closer inspection I discovered the illusion, then enjoyed looking at each painting separately—The Crucifixion and The Resurrection. But the memory of the two paintings superimposed is imprinted on my mind. In a single view, they encapsulated the Lord’s condescension and His transcendent glory. And in one moment, the reality of the Crucifixion and of the Resurrection was confirmed by the Spirit in my heart and soul.       
BENJI SAID: I Loved that! Seeing Christ through the eyes of his children helped him see revelations about the Savior that had never come to him before! That story is awesome. I love it. I have been reading Jesus the Christ and I want to focus my studies on his life this next month leading up to christmas. 
For Christmas,  I would also like hand written letters from you all with your testimony and favorite scripture about the savior. I want to see how you all prepared yourselves to have a spiritual Christmas season. My greatest present will be talking to you all on Christmas. Thank you so much for all of your spiritual and financial support for my mission. You already give so much.
Elder Dazey

PS. As for my week, we worked a lot more with members this week. Our main investigators are progressing step by step. We had a lesson with a family this week, and the invited others from their church and wouldn't let us share our message. They had antimormon literature and 4 bibles already open to scriptures upon our entrance. Needless to say, we left quickly. It was the saddest feeling I've had so far, to see people so contentious. But it taught me a good lesson about finding people that are prepared. We are helping a few families prepare to be sealed in the temple. Its awesome. We are getting better and better at teaching, and our lessons are overall very good.We are working with members more and more. Love your missionaries. Help them as much as you can. They can't do their job without you. I love you all, and I'll try to remember to bring my journal next week to write more specific information.

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