Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Whole New Exciting Energy

Miracles everywhere. Elizabeth, Vicki, Osben, Grisel, and Anahi are all getting baptized this weekend. We've got tons to do- But we're feeling good.
We did some divisions this week. While we were out, we found loads of new investigators and Elder Creager contacted someone that happened to be a member- with 5 kids and a husband that are interested in listening! WHAT? We put some baptismal dates this week, and one of the families that we found our first week is super excited to get baptized in December and is getting all of their papers together to get married.
I feel revolutionized. I feel revitalized. Absolutely Ready. I feel good. This is a whole different world. We've got 5 people getting baptized this weekend, and a ton in December. 
   We had a great Zone training meeting- We talked to everyone about ward lista (Area Book) and how to use them.  (Benji asked us to send several funny pictures last week of him) We used the pictures for a funny introduction.
Elder Dazey

 (I asked Benji if they were doing anything  for Thanksgiving and he said) we'll have a zone conference that day and we'll be eating a Texas Barbeque made my an argentine cook!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My new companion is the Zone Leader!

My companions name is Elder Creager. He has been a Zone leader for the past 6 weeks and is really good at it and is now teaching me to be a Zone Leader too. He's really cool- He played football before the mission, and he is really funny. He's a fire-ball. He's a really, really good missionary and I'm learning tons from him. We baptized 3 people this Saturday, (The Luna Family) and we have 6 other baptismal dates, and we think that we are going to get a lot more. We have a lot of work to do!  Everything is going really well. Elder Corral stayed in his last area and is with a disobedient missionary-pray that the Spirit guides him to help him and be his friend. My area is Obrero. It's the ward that shared a building with Independencia, my last Ward  :D It's kinda funny. 
   Well, We've got lots of work to do. Things are going well. Hopefully we can get our Zone going. It's awesome. Pray for us. We've got so much to do. 
  Well, pray for me a lot. I have a lot to learn, and it's probably going to get a bit stressful. I'll be praying for you guys too.
Elder Dazey

PS> I included pictures from our baptism and us being silly in our "Elders mugging someone picture". 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Transfer with a Surprise?

   Well I am being transferred. You won't get news about changes until next week...but! I got a message from President- "D&C 123:17. Buckle your seat belt." That's all he said. Pray for me D:
 Man does President know how to get a missionary pumped. Let's see what the Lord has ahead. I have no idea what is in store-but I'll be praying.
Elder Corral and I are doing well. We finished the 12 weeks program and we are ready for the transfers. We spent awhile taking pictures today :D We had fun. It's been a good two transfers together.
The district is doing well. We've got some baptismal dates coming up. I was able to finish all of the things I had to, to leave the area well, so I'm not worried.
Our investigator that was going to get baptized-Miguel-is going to get baptized next week. I think he got freaked out about baptism.
I have been super chill this week. I have not felt so good for a while. Tranquilidad. (Tranquility) I started working on my stress and it has made a world of difference. I feel good. I will keep working on it, and hopefully I will stay that way.
Sadly our new investigators this week were hard to get back with, and some of our investigators said that they didn't want to listen anymore :( Hopefully they'll change their minds soon. They are very hooked onto the whole Virgen Mary thing.
   We have some investigators that are progressing well. I'm sad to leave this area.

Elder Dazey

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Winding up Training/ and Day of the Dead-Cool!

   It's fun to baptize. We had a great time. Sadly our second baptism fell through, and we don't know what happened with him. Hopefully we will see him soon and work everything out.
Elder Corral is doing well. In 12 weeks he had to take the lead this whole week. He takes the lead really well. I think that he will be a very good leader. He's funny, charismatic, intelligent, and hard working. Sometimes he gets down a bit and during this week I had to take the lead sometimes, but overall I think that he's going to be awesome.
Well, we're feeling good. Adolfo was baptized, we got our new investigators up to 4 and we'll be working hard to keep it up. I love the work. I'll try to send more photos next week.
If you look up pictures of Atlixco on the Internet and look at all they do here for Day of the Dead, that is exactly how it is here. It's really sweet. And all of downtown is my area- so everything you see there, I am seeing every day :D
Well, cambios (Transfers) are coming up. Next week I will probably be in another area. Craziness.
I love you guys!
PS. The pictures are of our Zone having a Volleyball activity

-Elder Dazey