Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Some weeks are harder than others

So this week was good. I don't have my Journal with me, so I can't promise that I'll remember that much. It was very different from last week. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't great. It was weaker in some aspects and stronger in others. We've done a lot more contacting this last week. One sister gave us 13 references! I wish that all members were like that. She really had a spirit about her, and she has a lot of faith. It is so important what the members do in this work. In Preach My Gospel it says that the ideal situation is that missionaries never have to find investigators, but that the members bring investigators to them. We don't tract in this mission. Elder Sosa and I have not dedicated any time to tracting. If we feel inspired, we talk to someone, but all of our investigators come from references that we get from the members. If you can focus all of your efforts in always serving in missionary work, temple work, and perfecting the saints, you will see yourself walking with Christ, and you will know with a surety how Chellie and I are doing.  
I also told Benji about another story in my letter: President Marsh also told us about a crew team that he had read about recently. They won the Olympics in the 1930's. He said that if you look at what it takes for a crew team to win, it is kind of interesting because they all sit backwards and can't see where they are going or where the competition is. He said that they have to rely on the one guy that is sitting at the front of the boat who can see and give directions as to how hard to pull, which way to go to avoid other teams and when to speed up to race towards the end. That one person on the team can see what is coming. He can see what it takes to get to the end and he said that if we view Christ as our lead person, and are willing to take our cues from him and let him tell us what we need to do to avoid the obstacles ahead, that the path will be so much easier to get to the end. I loved that analogy. And Benji said: I really like that anology too.
(Benji's letter continues) Yesterday our building was Dedicated. Elder Sosa and I walked in an hour early and saw the stake choir singing. I had to join  So we sang with them for the dedication. It was very nice. This week we went to exchanges although we didn't have a change. Elder Sosa wanted to say goodbye to a previous companion who was leaving the mission. Our district changed a lot this week and we have a new district leader. All of the new missionaries in our district are nice. Our district leader is cool. Today we went back to the Centro and ate some more 5 peso tacos  It was good. Anyway, sorry that I don't have my journal this week, I'll try to remember it.

Elder Dazey

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