Monday, February 15, 2016

So Many Blessings!

  Well this week we will have a special treat. We and the north mission are going to the state capitol to see Elder Oaks speak on Saturday and then he will address us here in Cholula on Sunday! IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME! We're all really excited.
   I really enjoy being with Elder Cook. He is really hard working, and I have learned a lot from him. He is a great example, and he’s helped make me a better missionary. I feel like things are going great. We are learning a lot and we are working together in everything. 
I had a really cool experience last night. We were going to go talk with one of our investigators that is progressing very well, so we had a few people from the ward come with us. She wasn't there, but the man who answered the door was very interested and had a million questions- he looks really ready. We taught him and the spirit was strong- he accepted baptism. Walking out of that miracle lesson, a car stopped beside us. A young man came out and I recognized him from Cocoyotla where I served almost a year ago. He was a young man that Elder Diaz and I had visited because he and his family were inactive. He was 20 and had not gone on a mission or received the Melchizedek priesthood. I said "Kevin! How are you doing?" He said that he was doing well and I or one of the others then asked if he remembered me. He said "I couldn't forget Elder Dazey-You're the reason I have the Melchizedek Priesthood." I hadn't realized what a change that one visit had made for him. About a month after I had left the area he had already been to church, had his interviews and received the priesthood. I wanted to cry. I had no idea what difference that visit would make in his life.
   We will have our Zone training meeting tomorrow. We are pretty excited.
I put the pictures on from last week for if you didn't get them.
   We had tons to do this week. We had lots of miracles. We were walking on the street and Elder Cook started talking to someone that we both felt the impression to talk to. They are really cool investigators. Very nice and willing to learn. After that we went to visit another investigator. He was living with his girlfriend and that day she left him and took their kids. He was telling us about all of the calamities that had happened to him in his life. He cried. We said a prayer and we got up and cleaned his one room house, which was a total mess. He accepted baptism. His girlfriend and him made up and we actually took he, his girlfriend and their kids to a baptism this last Saturday.
   We had splits in the area of the assistants this last week. it was really cool to go with Elder Burnett. He is a great example and he taught me a lot about being a good example to others.
Anyway, I love you guys. I hope that everything is going great  :D

Elder Dazey

Friday, February 12, 2016

Well this week has been wonderful. We were able to see one of our investigators, Cesar, enter into the waters of baptism with his friend José Luis. He really was a miracle. My companion found him in the church putting up chairs with his friend (who had not yet invited him to listen to the missionaries) He was a golden investigator. The small problem we thought we would have with his family was fixed without any trouble, and now we are going to teach his family also. We are really excited. We are doing our best to get the whole Zone to baptize this transfer. We had our leadership council this last Friday. It was great. I felt the spirit teach me some of the things I need to do better. Elder Cook and I were talking this morning about Elder Cook's study today. We started talking about asking and receiving from God. Hopefully I can put that in practice as I seek to help the people in our Zone and Proselyting Area. I was reading in the manual from President Howard W, Hunter the other day. I loved a chapter about the importance of the service we give, and not of if we are recognized for it. I was really touched by the message, and I know that we all have great things to do in our lives ;D Love, Elder Dazey

Monday, February 1, 2016

Busy! Transfer Day!

We actually had changes today and changes are different so we had a lot of work to do and for that reason I have no time. Elder Hale is good- He actually just left the zone. We have 18 missionaries in the zone.  I am still with Elder Cook in Cholula and our zone is now just two districts.
I will be praying for you. Good Luck on your interviews.
Anyway. I love you!