Tuesday, June 28, 2016

It's all about service!

To answer a bunch of your questions: I think I fainted because I got nauseous from my leg popping- and who knows what else. There are no spaces between houses in cities. We pay a lot to get on trucks to travel from town to town. Elder Forrest is from Arizona. I have no problem understanding the different accents here in the pueblito. The baptism was good- He was really happy. He had to get separated from his girlfriend to get baptized but he did it last week. His name is Dario :D Our house has 2 rooms and a study room with a kitchen. I say that it is nicer that a lot of houses here just because it is painted and has nice flooring and a good bathroom- not everyone here has that.  :D I will continue to work hard Mom- I had a great interview with President this week. I asked him what he would like to see me do before the end of my mission and he told me that one of the greatest things we can do is always help and uplift others. He said that people will never forget the acts of kindness that you do. I love the manual from President Hunter this year. I love the chapters called-"true greatness", and "they didn't give less service" I've really been trying to apply these principles and I invite you all to read these two chapters about selfless service and just give your all for other people :D That's what we're here for, right? 

I love you guys! Keeps a smile on :D
-Elder Dazey

Sunday, June 26, 2016

All about my new location- letter from 6/20/16

It's really cool! There are little stores here- but basically no big businesses. Everyone's house are very puebloish and there are spaces between houses and we ride trucks to get to other pueblitos. I didn't get sick because of the area- although I did go to the doctor. I thought I had a hernia but I didn't- all is good- just a muscle inflamtion. Also I fainted while I was planning with my companion- like that one time in high school. But I'm fine :D

His name is Elder Forrest. We have a lot in common. He's a really cool guy :D My area is called Teotitlán and IS in Oaxaca. Our mission has part of the state of Oaxaca in it. The people are nice here. Their accents are a little different. It's not that weird being far away. Church was good. We have a medium sized branch. Our investigator pool is really nice. There is a little girl getting baptized on tuesday (She is 8- but her parents are less active so we are just helping her get baptized) Dario will get baptized sunday once he's not living with his girlfriend. And Luis- who I haven't met yet- is 13 and will get baptized on Saturday. My companion only has one transfer here. The building is a normal mexican church building- just a smaller one. Our house is really nice compared to everyone elses.
I probably wouldn't let them play League of Legends if I were you. It's just like that game I used to play that had like 45 minute long games and it is SUPER ADDICTIVE. Like World of Warcraft level addictiveness.

   Thanks Mom. I'll work hard. Thanks for everything. You guys are the best.
Elder Dazey

Transferred to My First Pueblito! (very small town) -letter from 6/13/16

I am being tranfered to my first pueblito. Teotitlan. I'll be a zone leader of a 10 elder zone :D Thanks Mom! I know Heavenly Father is looking out for me. I have to go. I have 5-6 hours of traveling today :D LOVE YOU!
-Elder Dazey

After our Faith will come the Miracle -letter from 6/06/2016

Well this week has gone well. We have been working to find new investigators. We have contacted a lot of references- hopefully we'll get some good results out of that. Things are going well. We don't have a baptism soon, but there are a lot of miracles that come after a drought :D The mission has actually been low on baptism, so hopefully we can do what we have to to help it out. 

A few of our investigators dropped us this week. It's been kind of a long week. we have a lot to do. We walked a lot this week. 


Elder French and are are happy to be here :D things are going great :D

We will have transfers next week. I'm still not sure what will happen. they'll tell us. 

-Elder Dazey

New Shoes from Great amounts of work! -Elder Dazey's letter from 5/30/16

We had an electromagnetic pulse go through last week. It was freaky. It turned off all of our electronic devices except for my phone- but it did turn off my companion's phone. Tell Bradley I love him :D And give my cuñada(sister-in-law) and my sobrina(niece) big hugs for me ;D I LOVE YOU TOO MOM. Did you know that my patriarchal blessing tells me to be of good cheer and know that God and my parents love me? I LOVE YOU.

Anyway- things are going well. I actually have made it through another set of soles on all three of my pairs of shoes- so I through out two pairs, fixed one, and bought another. It was about 950 pesos that I spent (Like 50 bucks)

This week was nice. We spent a day helping some sisters in our zone find people to teach and that was cool. We did a lot of random service this week. Actually there was this one lady that my companion helped carry her bags- and she is a great investigator. Her name is Andrea and she loves the gospel. We already taught her Lessons 1 and 2. 

Marco Antonio- my last convert- studies in the scriptures 2 hours a day and is still in high school. He's going great. actually all of my converts in this area have stayed REALLY active in the church. They are really awesome. Marco should be getting a calling soon. He goes out with us to do a lot of visits. 

Adar- the son of the Bishop goes out with us a lot because he will be leaving in July for his mission in Torreon. The Bishop and his wife actually came with us to do some visits yesterday. The Bishop's wife was actually asking recently about what Thanksgiving is like. I explained it to her and she said that she would really like to see what it is like- so I invited their family to thanksgiving sometime. (I hope that's okay ;D ) Their really awesome.
We have been doing well. The work is still going well. We are hoping to have baptisms soon :D

Elder Dazey