Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Soooo Many Blessings!

That's so great that you got so much done this week. It's sad to hear about sister Scottin's mom. That is so great to hear about Alex bearing his testimony at church. Needless to say, I shed a few tears on that one, thanks. I hope he can keep it up. That quote is beautiful. I've learned so much about Jesus Christ the last week. I've been reading in matthew and trying to prepare myself for christmas. I love the church movie, El es la Dadiva (He is the Gift). They gave us cards for that video to pass to everyone, I imagine that you have already seen them. I'm glad you enjoyed the prank. I did have an adjustment period to the water and food, but I don't have to share it ;D Just know that I'm alive, and Preaching the gospel. also that period is basically over. I haven't had problems for weeks. Tell Aaron I love him, and good luck at his concert. If you can, have him write something in your letter. Sorry I didn't write yesterday, We had to pick up a new missionary to take him to our house and let him stay with us the night before changes, so we are writing now. So this week was the best week I've had my whole mission. We got done with one day, and Elder Sosa even said that that day was the best day he's had his whole mission. We got the lists of members our president asked us to get last week, and we have worked on little things that we can do to be more obedient. Just updating our area book and having amazing planning sessions that are really focused on our investigators being a few of the things. I really do know Spanish. No joke. I plan to speak like a native by the time I get out, Because I can already understand almost everything, and God isn't holding back the gift of tongues. We we're given a new reference this week of a family that lives in our neighborhood. We have had two lessons with them, and they want to be baptized. They are both about 20, and need to get married to get baptized, but they have the desire. They really want to go to church, but they have had to work on sundays, so we will teach keeping the sabbath day holy. The "wife" read the first pamphelet just because they both liked us. Our second lesson with them was only with him, but he talked about how much he felt that we were already his friends. At the end we asked him who his best friend was (To get references) And he talked about someone across the street who he thought was his best friend, but now that guy smokes pot and is lame. He said that he thinks that pretty soon we will be his best friends. So far they are almost golden investigators, we just have a few problems to work through. 
We were with a Married couple in the ward to go to an appointment with a family, but they weren't there. We knocked on their door, and their neighbor answered. We told her that we were looking for her neighbors, and she said okay, and went back to what she was doing. We remembered that we had done that before, that we had gone to that house, and that that sister who just answered the door was open to recieve us. The problem was that we hadn't had another man with us at the time, so we couldn't go in because it was just her and her baby, but this time we were prepared because we had this couple with us. We knocked her door this time, and she recieved us. We talked to her, and she said that she was almost always alone, and that she enjoyed our company. She spoke of problems that her brothers baby was having, and we taught of God and Families. I invited her to baptism, and she accepted. The members that were with her offered to take her to church. She went to church this past sunday. She was a miracle. We wouldn't have taught her if they hadn't been there, and she was ready to recieve us in that moment, and we had the people we needed to enter. Our other lessons were very guided by the spirit. An invertigator that wasn't really progressing before became excited to hear the restoration, accepted baptism, and her kids, who previously didn't have any desire to go to church, were excited to attend. They couldn't this week because of some work problems, but hopefully we can get at least a few of them to come with us this week. We have served this part week. We learned a scripture (Nephi 10.22) And we applied it. Y el espiritu santo me da autoridad(and the Holy Spirit gives me the Authority) para que declare estas cosas, (to declare these things)y no las retenga. (And deny them not. ) We spoke with power from the holy ghost. We taught about family history, and felt the spirit of Elijah. This week has been full of miracles. We have had entire days of lessons that were entirely guided by the spirit. It was amazing.
I love you all. And I hope that in this Christmas season you all can discover, accept, and share the Gift that is Jesus the Christ. My studies have been so powerful the past week as I have studied the life of Christ. I am so excited for this season. I've had more gifts this Christmas than I could imagine.
Elder Dazey

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