Tuesday, October 27, 2015

More Baptisms On the Way!

    Well we are still having difficulties with getting new investigators- but I was looking at all of our numbers this morning from these two transfers-and it made me happy to see how we have progressed. We'll keep working for new investigators. I feel like God is sending us people that are ready- I'm really excited to see what will happen. We have two baptisms this Saturday-Miguel and Adolfo. Elder Corral and I are getting along better than ever. We are excited to be here-and we continue seeing miracles. We organized the hours of the day a little bit better and hopefully that means that we won't waste as much time with people that aren't going to be home.
WOO! So we are feeling pretty good. We have been working hard, and I was a bit worried yesterday about some of the goals we had, but God did a lot in the last minute. I've realized that the work we do is nothing in comparison to what God does. He moves all the pieces-and if we are obedient- he puts us right where we need to be every time. I am ready- I've learned so much this transfer, and I still have much more to learn.
    Elder Corral is doing great-we are learning together and we are doing well with his training. I'm happy, Mom. I'm not as stressed as I used to be- and I feel much more confident. I've realized that the only person who wouldn't want me to feel confident is the devil, and that if I pause and listen to the Holy Spirit I'll be just fine. There are times-even more than half way through my mission that I wonder if I'm doing enough- but I know that the Spirit is working through me- and I know that there is a whole lot more to do. But that's okay- if there weren't tons to do, we wouldn't be here.
   I hope everything keeps going well in NC. I love you guys!
-Elder Dazey

PS>  I'm hoping that Day of the Dead will be a bit cooler here. I need to send you pictures of the city I live in. It's literally the coolest little city.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Learning and Growing and Peace and Contentment

We got to baptize! YES! It was an awesome baptism too. A lot of Montse's family was there and it was awesome. There were like 50 people there! It was a great feeling to see her make that choice. Elder Corral and I are happy. And now Miguel has agreed to get baptized, we just have some teaching to do. Hopefully it all works out.
We had a great meeting with our Zone leaders! We talked about how God directed everything and that his plan isn't always what we expect. The zone leaders are funny :D

Elder Corral and I had a good week.  I'm glad to be here in Atlixco. Who would have thought that one could learn so much. I keep learning-and I am starting to understand leadership and attributes of Christ that I had never understood before. I feel that there are many times that I read the scriptures or preach my gospel, and I don't understand exactly how I can apply those things in certain situations. I am starting to learn them by experience. The Lord is kind and longsuffering. I realize now how to better treat many situations. I'm excited to learn more.
We contacted a lot of referrals this week, but we had no new investigators. We are going to change some things up to make it better. Hopefully we can make new investigators a habit again.
We have a few more people who want to be baptized- so we'll try to get them to that point as soon as possible. I love to see how every person has been found by a miracle. God works so much harder than we do.
   I'm trying to work on my prayers so that I can pray with more faith. Faith is the best. Hopefully we can keep things up this week. We are going to try to set our view higher. There’s a lady doing sign language video call in one of the computers at the internet cafe- it's pretty cool. 
   Here are some pictures of the baptism.

-Elder Dazey

Monday, October 12, 2015


    This week has gone really well. We are so excited for Montse- the wife of a member (Noel). She already passed her interview and we are now just preparing for a beautiful baptism. We are really excited.  We met her just a few weeks ago-they had moved into the ward not to long ago. More about Miguel- we have taught him quite a few times. He had had many spiritual experiences before- so he felt right at home hearing about Joseph Smith. We have a new investigator that is a bit strange and apparently (according to brothers in our ward) lies about his whole life to try to seem like an acclaimed professor. We also didn't feel too comfortable in his house after he shared an experience of some dream he had- so we decided not to go back. He came to church. He sat down in gospel principles and began to ask questions about the "secrets of the church." We explained that there aren't any secrets- just sacred things that we would like everyone to be worthy to know. He continued. So Miguel-our other investigator- "empezo a planchar." (it's like setting someone straight with the heat of an iron-ironing them out) Basically he told this guy to stop asking questions and that the missionaries could tell him everything he needed. He began to tell him everything he had learned from us. Although I don't like it when people tell others off in public venues- I was happy that Miguel was protecting his new found beliefs :D Strange right? (And we won't be going back with Gabriel-we tried to be kind and pick up the pieces afterwards-but I think he was offended-and we weren't exactly up and ready to go back to visit him) In that same class an investigator that we had left (Caren) came! She hadn't come in like a month! Out of the blue she was there and asking how she could be baptized. God is the best.
   Things are going great. I had a good fast. 
The district is doing well. We're working towards goals and learning together. I think we're getting some good things done, and we're excited to learn more in the zone training meeting tomorrow.
    We have some other baptism dates coming up-and hopefully we can find a lot of new investigators this week-we'll be working on that. HERE COME ANOTHER WEEK IN THE MISH (mission)! OH YEAH! TIME TO GET TO WORK!
Elder Dazey

Monday, October 5, 2015

Thoughts on General Conference

The care package you sent was yummy-we ate it during General Conference. Tell the Laurels thanks for the letters-but that luckily I have not read them all yet. Give Sister Chapman a big hug from me because she sends me a wonderful letter just about every month.

 SO WHICH SCRIPTURE ARE YOU PONDERIZING? Mine is Mosiah 4:30. I figured that I should start pondering about the importance of ponderizing-or keeping virtuous thoughts. Man is it exciting! YES.
   CONFERENCE IS THE BEST. I think when I get back from the mission I'm going to listen to straight up conference talks for the rest of my life. I'd be happy :D
How wonderful it is to have living prophets, seers, and revelators to guide us before the second coming of Our Lord. It's great! I loved the talks. I loved the talks from President Uchtdorf (both of them), Elder Hales (Note to self- read after the mission), Elder Holland (I love you Mom- thanks for everything. I can't imagine the pain I've given you at some points in my life. Thanks for always LOVING me. :D), Elder Bednar (  :' D  I loved the part with Elder Hales about only doing that which was most important), Sister Neill F. Marriot (Yay for southern accents-it's been long enough), Elder Larry B. Lawrence (5 stars. I loved it so much. I was just thinking about doing that every day- and keeping the spirit always.), President Monson ( KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS. Oh how we love you, President Monson) President Eyring ( I loved the stories from his Dad) WHAT A GREAT CONFERENCE! I wish I could say everything-but I'm glad I can say a little bit- I'm sure that we have all been strengthened by conference. I pray that you are all going to continue feasting on these words-and making the changes necessary in your lives. Will you do it?
Elder Dazey

P.S.- I need to hear what scripture everyone is ponderizing- and if you want to share the gospel- post it to Facebook and ask others what they are reading-all of you. Then send me the responses. How long will you PONDERIZE? a month? 2? a year? 20? 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Just a quick note..

Well- I don't have much time- the internet was down for a bit today. Man, that's great news about Chellie working at Jacob Lake. I'm excited that she got the job and that everything is going well. We're going to have two new Zone Leaders! Craziness.
 Elder Bons (The trainee of one of my good Elder friends, Elder Cook) sent me music for a number we'll probably do in a month and a half. It looks fun. It's “I know that my Redeemer Lives” (He plays piano super well)
The work is good. We have two baptismal dates for October- so we're excited and working hard. I'll try to get some good pictures these weeks coming up. It's raining again, and this week it started getting cold.
   Julia looks so GROWN in the picture you sent. OH MA GOODNESS. :´D 

Elder Dazey