Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I will not be homesick!

English is a Little weird (Benji said after I was saying that he probably isn’t used to speaking it much now but was speaking it during our skype call. ) (I told him that I told Chellie that when she comes home that she doesn’t need to listen to the radio for a while because I think that it has become worse since she left on her mission.) Benji said: Sadly enough, with riding buses, we hear a lot of music. But, I prepared myself for a while before my misión by almost only listening to church songs. It's weird to think I hear more here than I did there. I do listen to the music you guys send me almost every day, and I love it. I'll listen to it while I work out to feel the spirit. Benji and his companion have had problems with the water in their house. And he said: We are going to fix that wáter problema today. This week we focused a lot on the husband of a less active who is not a member. He has done everything we have asked him to, and he is progressing. He couldn't come to church this week because he had to work, but his family did come for the first time in a long time. We are blessed to find more people every week. We are blessed to find those who are Ready. President Stellmon invited us all to have a baptism for January. We hope to achieve that goal. I loved talking to you guys (on Christmas Day). I was feeling a Little homesick after we talked, and I decided to read in the "Adjusting to missionary life" manual. It has suggestions for every type of stressful thing. (President Stellmon also invited us to read The Fourth Missionary, which is amazing if you can find it. As in, please find it and read it.) It told me to read my patriarcal blessing. When I read it, my mind felt transformed. I had been feeling like a kid. But after Reading it I realized that I was ready for everything. I just needed to remind myself that I was on a misión for the Lord. That a few years after my misión, I'll probably already be married with my own kids. It hit me that I God has a much bigger plan for me, that there is a man in the future that He wants me to be, and that to understand who that man is, I need to plan to be him. I realized that there is a man that I don't know yet who should be one of my greatest examples, that if I get to know him and plan to be like him in the future, I will be him, because that man is ME. I know that the blessings that I found there can and will come true if I am faithful. I invite all of you to plan for who you will be. I invite you to surrender your will to God and Let him change you. Learn who that person is, what they sound like, what they know, think, feel, and how it feels to be around them. Let that person be Even as Christ Is. Plan this New Years to be that person. Will YOU do it? I share this in the name of Jesús Christ, Amen. Love, Elder Dazey

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