Monday, January 25, 2016


  Well it has been a good week. We have seen some good things happen this week although we we out of our area a lot and organizing a lot of things. We were able to see a miracle yesterday-we were passing by for investigators and we decided in the last moment to go with some investigators that we hadn't thought were going to go. They have always wanted to go but every time they had some last minute thing to do- and this time they had another reason not to go. We got there and the sister and her daughter were there in the house-just washing some dishes and sweeping. We invited them and they said that they would not be able to go because they would be cleaning. We grabbed the dishes and started cleaning-Elder Cook and I, and a brother that came with us. When we got done, we drove quickly to sacrament meeting and there they were-for the first time!
We did divisions with Elder Hale and Elder Laguna this week in his area and we helped them find some new investigators- hopefully they can keep it up. Did I ever say that Elder Hale is in my zone?
   We also had a world-wide missionary conference-maybe the sisters told you about it. It was good, and we were reminded of a lot of things- I think most of what they said we had already heard before- but we don't always do it.
   We had a zone activity today-It was fun. Elder Cook and I got to the church early and made breakfast for the zone-pancakes eggs and bacon. It was fun and we got most of the zone to go. 
I hope that everything is going well with you guys. I am almost done with Jesus the Christ- sadly I didn't finish a while ago and I put it down for a bit. I really liked a part I read today where Peter asks what will become of John. Jesus says something like- What is it to you if I let him stay until I come again? It was really cool- because I think it helps us remember that we all have our own calling and our own part of the plan of God- and Peter was going to be crucified while John would live. In the same way- one of us could be a home teacher our whole life- or another an apostle. But what is that to us? God has made his own plan for each one- and he is pleased with that plan- so we should be too.
   Anyway, I love you guys a lot- we still have a few things to do today. Elder Cook's 20th birthday was Saturday.

-Elder Dazey

Friday, January 22, 2016

Being mediators is sometimes part of the calling

You asked about my Interview with the Mission President- It was about helping the district leaders work better and getting the zone to work well too. We've seen some big changes in some companionships. I told you that we had to do a companionship inventory the other week with the Sister training leaders because they fought right? There was a little scuffle with the sisters and we had to go into a house with 4 sister missionaries and be mediators-something Elders normally aren't allowed to do for sisters. It was kinda cool. Well now they had emergency changes and we are our zones leaders- and we are also now the sister training leaders :D without skirts. There should be some new ones called in a few weeks.

To answer your question about what I was sick with, it was a stomach thing-It only lasted a day, and we all got shots this week- so hopefully we'll be doing fine :D
We have been doing a lot of good work and we now have 5 new investigators and 5 baptismal dates!
There were a lot of awesome lessons this week and a whole family showed up a bit late to church! It was awesome!
To answer Aaron’s question, The only snow we see is just snow on the volcano, but it does get cold.
Tell everyone I love them! Sorry I don't have much time to write!
Elder Dazey

Monday, January 11, 2016

Learning And Teaching-All is Good!

Everything is going good. We have a lot of new families we are working with. We had a really cool, spiritual lesson with a family we found last night. I've been studying with my patriarchal blessing once a week- so I've received some personal revelation recently. I did an interview a week ago and I was interviewed this last Tuesday by The Mission President. To answer your question, we actually eat lunch every day with members but rarely dinner- It's different than the states, but we eat a late lunch. We make breakfast and dinner-but no one goes back to the house for dinner-we just eat if we are hungry after we do calls at night.
New Years was cool. We ate with a family (lunch and Dinner) It was good  :D They gave us muffins and peanut butter XD We did work. There is probably less crime here than in Winston- although you might be more likely to be mugged.
   Tell Pappap that I love him.
 Well, Elder Cook had a good idea last night-he talked about some of the things we did as district leaders that we can now do with the district leaders as zone leaders to get them moving. We will be helping them out a lot more. We were going to do divisions with them this week, but I got sick and it was kinda hard-luckily I'm over it and we'll help them out a lot more this week. Oh- can you guys send me some money? I want to buy some vitamins and some healthier food. 
   We have been working our butties off. We just need to get some people to baptism. My interview was cool this week. President helped me know how to help the Zone. it was good. Anyway, I love you guys!

-Elder Dazey

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Reality of Missionary Work

Well we've seen some good and some bad this week. We were able to help some hands that were hanging down- but we think that we still have a lot of work to do with them. Hopefully we helped-next time we'll know how to do it better.
   In the training meeting we did some Baptism invitation practices and they told us after that they liked the practices and liked thinking of new ways to respond. We also talked about how to get new investigators and we just kept the meeting fun-so everyone was in good spirits. We had some fun in the presentation at the beginning too. We've had some good comments from the zone this week. The Sister training leaders talked about our calling as missionaries and recognizing that we are called of God- I really liked it and it was nice to think of our emotions as we opened our calls.  We think it went well- and now we are trying to make sure that everyone is trying some new things-there is still a lot of work to do.
   Sadly some of the families that we were really excited about have disappointed us this week- but hopefully they will keep listening in the future, but for now we'll keep looking and try really hard to get people to church this week.
There is a little bit of my week.

Elder Dazey