Monday, December 22, 2014

Being one of God's Soldiers

This was a pretty good week. We had a lot of meetings. District meeting, Zone Conference, and a Christmas Dinner with the Ward. In the district meeting we all got too know each other a Little better, and we all practiced inviting people to baptism. In our Zone Conference we watched many segments from A Christmas Carol, and we talked about how humanity is our business, and how to enjoy Christmas, and that we can do things during Christmas time that we can't normally do. We can be a Little more bold, and people are more likely to receive us. We played a Missionary Family Feud game, and during lunch I played that pass the cup girls camp pitch perfect game with like 10 sisters and an Elder. It was fun. One of the assistants made a spanglish Night before Christmas and read it, and there were quite a few musical numbers. At the end one of the elders walked in dressed as Santa, so we got some pictures of our district. It was pretty funny. At the Dinner it started off pretty slow, but the Elders of our district sang Venid Adoremos (Oh Come All Ye Faithful), and our relief Society President started games with the members. We got to help out with helping people get their food. It sufficith me to say that I had a good week, and I know this one can be even better. My Parents shared their testimonies with my, and I wish to bear mine with all of you. I know that following the laws of God brings blessings. I know that there is no greater happiness and success that can be found than in this Church. I have faith in Jesús Christ. I have faith in my Father in Heaven. I have faith enough to be obedient and show God that I love him. I know that prayers are answered. I love being His son, and I'm trying to be like Jesus so that I can live with God. I bear this simple testimony in the name of Jesús Christ. Amen. I had a pretty heart touching moment with the kid in this picture. I sat down to eat at a table, and this mom was talking with her Little son. She said, "What do you think he looks like?" (Talking about me) He said "Capitán America" I love being confused for Captain America. But then after a few minutes he said, "What is your real name?" And I said "Elder Dazey. I'm a Super Hero too." His mom then said to him " Just like Captain America is a soldier, he is too. But he is one of God's soldiers." I about cried. It's an honor to be one of God's Soldiers. I hope you all have a very Wonderful-y Christmas and a Happy New year. Love, Elder Dazey

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