Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First Week at the MTC

Well it has been a pretty long week, but it has been good. My companions name is Elder Wilson, and he is from Utah. He is a really great guy with a strong testimony, and it sounds like he comes from a great family. He really likes basketball, and his high school team went to states last year :D It is great to get back into the schedule of doing something instead of sitting around all day. I'll try to answer most of your questions, but I'm also going to try to send out an actually letter with hopefully more depth to my week. We only get an hour on the computers, and I am not a fast typer. GUESS WHO IS SINGING FOR THE PRIESTHOOD SESSION???...THIS ELDER! Our fist time at choir they handed out the survey to see who was good at singing, so we just made it in time to get the survey, and since I had previous choir experience and could read pretty well/play the trumpet tambien, I was chosen to be a member of the choir :D We did get to see the Temple Dedication, which was really powerful! (It was a broadcast) On sunday we heard from Elder M. Russell Ballard about missions and how we can be better missionaries (Not a broadcast, REAL APOSTLE) We do get to excercise about an hour every day about 5 days a week, and we can pretty much play any non violent/contact sport that we want here. Since we are the intermediate class, we have been speaking spanish almost always. We are supposed to speak as much as we can in our free time, but we miss sometimes. We've had 4 lessons in spanish with investigators which have gone pretty well. (Most of the "investigators" are actors) Our district is only six strong, but we we are all the intermediate class and we have some of the best spanish on west campus, so it's been pretty easy to speak on off times. Classes our great. Our teacher is amazing, and we get about 9 hours of study a day. 3 are Personal, companion, and language. 3 are with the teacher, and three are preparing and teaching investigators. I really love my district. All six of us are already good friends and we do everything together. I am the district leader right now, which contrary to popular belief, is much more than a mailman. I have the opporunity to interview my district's senior companions, be a good example, and prepare for meetings. It's good to see Chellie's blog too. I'd love it if you kept sending that. In the package you are sending me, I'd like my sweater, a small journal (like maybe 5 by for inches) as a spiritual journal, and whatever else. I think I had thought  of other things but I can't remember right now. I love it here. Are whole district has been really good about adjusting while we have been here. It's great to see the testimonies that they have, and how the spirit teaches all of us. We try to set goals for language learning everyday, and we try to memorize a few sctriptures a week in order to practice our spanish. The food here is really good, but if anything I think I am healthier. I have been trying to restrain eating the whole cafeteria, and have been doing a lot of physical activity. It's weird to think that Utah has been my home for a whole week now. The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. That's what they all say, but honestly it all feels really long. We get some opportunities for service throughout the week like setting up chairs or cleaning classrooms. On sundays everyone has to prepare a 5 minute talk on the assigned topic in spanish and be ready to speak because they ask people to speak when you get there. We have devotionals twice a week (Sunday and Tuesday) and I think we usually hear from general authorities and the like. It's really spiritually strengthening being here. I will write an extra letter to try to say more about my week. But I think that this is it for now.
     Love you!   -Elder Dazey
P.S. This can all go in my blog :D

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Chellie and I got to visit for about 45 minutes a couple days before I reported to the MTC.

First Day at the MTC!

First Day at the MTC!
 I am having a great time at the MTC! My companion and I are doing great and are already starting to get to know each other really well. This is very exciting. We will be able to see the Ogden dedication on tv, and I heard that we may see the prophet speak! I'm so excited. I love you all and I am having a great time and will talk more later. 
Love you,
Elder Dazey