Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Growth is Amazing!

   I studied about pride this morning. I was reading in the teachings of President Benson and some other scriptures. My studies have taught me a lot about what I am like, what God wants me to be like, and who I need to be for future experiences in my life. I found that the deep water doesn't get shallow. (That is Benji’s way of saying that when the Lord wants you to be learning and things get hard that it just means  you’re going to learn even more) I'm glad it doesn't :D I love being here with Elder Corral. I am learning so much.
This week was wonderful. We had a great training meeting last Tuesday for new Elders and their trainers. We are very excited to work every day. We are doing well in the 12 weeks program. I think Elder Corral is progressing well. I have found that these principles that I'm learning are totally changing our studies and our relationship. We had a new investigator this week that had been a reference from about 3 months ago, but we were able to work with the member to have a lesson. He accepted another! He began to talk with the member, and said that he was very interested in the church. This same investigator would hide from us before because his mom didn't want him to listen!
We're going to see some more baptisms in the district-lots of interviews. Sadly all of our progressing investigators fell through- we're going to get to work with some of them and find some new investigators this week. 
    Things are going well. Time flies when you're serving the Lord. I can't imagine how fast the other half of my mission is going to be.
We've been working some more with the home teachers this week. The Bishop has had us working with them and so we've been in that process. One of our good friends-David-wasn't going out to visit with us, but he's started back again. (That investigator was his friend. He got pretty excited) I hope that things keep going well with you guys. I'm praying for you and I love you. 

Elder Dazey 

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