Monday, September 14, 2015

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

It's amazing how important the Sabbath day is. We've found that those who stop going to church almost always start breaking other serious laws of God-The Word of Wisdom, Chastity, tithing (which you can't really pay if you don't go ), and they lower their standards. We were actually talking about that today- About how people are going to need to have a personal conversion and complete with those laws- or it's going to be a toasty time when the Savior comes. I think it was President Hinckley that said that we as citizens of the earth are the reason that businesses open Sundays-because we are the ones that use their services. I love how Preach My Gospel says it- "Our Sabbath-day behavior is a reflection of our commitment to honor and worship God. By keeping the Sabbath day holy, we show God our willingness to keep our covenants." 
   The Sabbath Day is a covenant that we have between us and "When a community or nation grows careless in its Sabbath activities, its religious life decays and all aspects of life are negatively affected.
    Thanks for everything that you are doing Mom, and for your great example. I'm super excited to have a nephew! Sorry- I told Dad How excited I was about it, but I guess I didn't send it in my letter to you. That's wonderful!
Well- in two weeks we have found 11 new investigators. We have found family members of members that we have always visited that aren't members, and their family never gave the referral. We've been working super-duper hard, and we're getting better every day. We're having lots of fun and learning a lot together. 
And to Ken he wrote: I forgot to tell you last week- but I must thank you for a contact that we made last week. We were passing by a cake shop when I heard "battle horn." I turned and saw that the man was on his computer. I recognized that sound-he was playing Age of Empires. What a surprise. We started talking about the game, and we had a lesson about the Sabbath day in that moment. We found that he was good friends of someone in the ward. He is very open and accepted baptism-sadly the sister missionaries are now going to teach him because he lives in their area, but it was a cool experience- and I thought- Thanks Dad.
 The work is great- and I've studied a few times this week about charity to get myself more consecrated and loving. 
So...maybe it wasn't the temple temple-but it was an extension of the temple. Remember when I said that I saw a temple dedication while I was in the MTC? The same thing happened here but with the Mexico City Temple. It was awesome. President Eyring dedicated the temple and Elder Holland was there with him. It was fantastic. We saw the dedication in the stake building which was made an extension of the temple for a day. We also got to see the cultural presentation Saturday night. It was all about the history of the Church in Mexico. They did a great job. One day I'd like to be in one of the church theater presentations.
   Well- We're going to have a meeting for the new Elders and trainers tomorrow. I'm pretty excited. It should be good. Lot's of things are happening! For the first time in all of the time that I have been in this area we have investigators that are progressing. WHAT WHAT! THAT'S SO AWESOME! Hopefully everything will go smoothly. One of them is Atheist but super willing to know-and she already prayed about the Book of Mormon and got an answer- just that she isn't sure. Another has been to church about a million times and accepted baptism-like-accepted-not like a tentative plan-like he already has a testimony. We are so excited. There are Miracles that are happening here. These investigators are ready! I love it! We'll keep working hard and we'll keep learning. I am so glad to be here with Elder Corral. There are things that I wouldn't be learning if I were in any other situation.
 Well, I love you guys. I hope that everything is going well. ALWAYS GIVE REFERENCES. DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE MISSIONARIES FIND YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND BAPTIZE THEM. SEND THE MISSIONARIES-IN FACT ACCOMPANY THE MISSIONARIES TO THEIR HOUSE AND INVITE THEM. You can see that I feel very strongly about these things. It's wonderful when we find new investigators- but I can't imagine how sad I would feel to find that my friends are accepting the gospel and that I never invited them. Just a thought. I'll be sending so many referrals when I get home. Sorry for the random thought-it's been on my mind lately- because it's already happened many times.
Elder Dazey

The first picture is one of those giant things that men swing upside down on. And it's huge! They do a big party here called the Atlixcayotontli- look Atlixco up in youtube-it's cool.

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