Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Being Organized and not freaking out!

   I'm trying super hard. Keep praying for me. Miracles are ready to come, I just need more faith. I need to give more love. It is REALLY strange to be almost half way through my mission. I don't like the feeling. It doesn't feel right. I feel like a sophomore. Like a Wise Fool in my spiritual progression. SO MUCH TO FEEL! SO MUCH TO LEARN! I need that. It is a little strange to train again but my companion is learning a ton. Especially of English. I don't think that I have had such good language studies in all my mission. I made a daily schedule and goals for my study-thank you PMG (Preach My Gospel). I am learning a lot from him. From the experience and from his willingness to work.

    Well, this week has been so different. I remember what it was like to train Elder Hale, and so I am trying to do things better. Elder Corral learns fast, and is a really good missionary. We get along really well. 
  We have some plans to start baptizing. I have realized that it is super easy to not focus in the mission with someone so new. We are working hard- just that our conversations are not focused enough. We've already had to make many changes, but I'm going to keep having us make more changes. I realized that I have been obedient for so long that obedience has become second nature, but I can't stop improving. I need to do it.  I have people to help. I'm already seeing many reasons why it was important for me to train someone now. For my sake, for his sake, for the area, and because the Lord will reveal many things that He has not yet revealed to me. I need to listen to the spirit more. I just know that I have many things that I still need to do-and I need some stress if I want to be a better missionary. (I have always functioned better under stress than when things are easy). I got myself organized this week. I got my exercise and diet organized. I got my night schedule reorganized. I got my studies more organized. God taught me a simple plan to start baptizing families. 
   Elder Corral is doing really well. This transfer is going to be amazing. It will change our missions and our lives. I can already feel it. This is a marvelous work. I am excited to one day fall at the feet of my Savior and tell him what I have done. He's blessing us both a lot right now. We are happy. We got a new investigator this week that was the brother of a less active. He started off saying that he didn't want to come to church when we saw him in the street. I almost walked past him. The Spirit told me to teach him. We did. He accepted baptism and we hope to see him progress-for some reason he didn't come to church-but that didn't get us down. We have a plan. We have a vision. We might just need more faith.
  I love you guys so much!

-Elder DAZEY

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