Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Learning to love better

So to start out, my new companion is hilarious. He's from Sinaloa, Mexico. His name is Elder Corral. Thngs with our investigators are going well, and soon they'll be going even better. Things are a litttle harder training and district leadering at the same time, but I'm learning to manage it better. The two sisters in my ward were taken out and exchanged. One from another ward was exchanged too. It has rained as much as it was. We were asked to give "father's school blessings" from a widow yesterday. We weren't able to, but I was very touched by the invitation.
    Well my companion and I are excited. Hopefully we can keep it up. This transfer has gotten me thinking again.
Well, Elder Corral learned what obediencia con exactitud (Being exactly Obedient) was when we ran home to get back on time. I took some time to teach him about the area book and how to work with it. We've had some great lessons, and we saw some miracles in the first few days he’s been here. We were able to teach some new investigators. Elder Corral invited them to baptism and got them to commit to a baptismal date. We are trying to get better at gaining the trust of the investigators. I am going to need a lot of practice with that too. We spent most of today with the zone leaders, and he has already gotten to know his leaders and loves them. We have worked, and worked, and worked. We have been tired, and sometimes it is hard to get everything in. We are now more organized and hope to go at this with all of the HEART, might, MIND, and strength that we have. (Sometimes those are the hardest ones) I realized that I need to focus on receiving revelation for my area. I've been here 2 transfers, and if I don't watch out I'll fall into a routine that doesn't have routine baptisms :D
We are going to get some lists printed. We have some, but hopefully this time we can find some of those lost, lost sheep. Elder Corral is a fast learner. He's a good helper and has good ideas. I love him. He's a good guy-and he's funny  :D He was telling me how excited he was to have an American companion so he could learn English-Man he learns fast. He prayed for an American companion. He prayed our companionship into reality. He shared a scripture in English with a member today.
I was talking to Elder Gutierrez today (One of the Zone Leaders) and he mentioned that we need to make sure we have short lessons, and that we gain their trust with our love. I feel like that is something I have always searched for in my mission. I feel like I need to show that kind of love and interest in them so that I can help them accept this message better. Sometimes I forget about that part. Sometimes I feel like there is one Elder Dazey with Missionaries and Members, and that I don't share that same person with the investigators enough.
Well here goes nothing! Let's get to work. I'm always happy to know how I can improve. It reminds me to be humble, and makes me a better person. I love you all. I'm excited for our district leader meeting tomorrow. 

Elder Dazey 

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