Saturday, July 4, 2015

Words of love and encouragement to my brother Aaron

Thanks for your encouragement and love. I'm learning little by little.
  (I asked Elder Dazey what helped him come out of his shell as he got older and what advice he  might have for his brother Aaron, who tends to be a bit shy. His response was:)
- I think it was a lot of things. One thing he needs to understand is that he has many great talents. He's funny, He's kind. He can sing great. He plays the saxophone. He's smart. If you play video games- it might be better to play with them instead of online. I also had to realize that just because someone else likes something, doesn't mean I shouldn't or that it's better what I do. (Like Sports-I was never that good and at some point I found them to be a waste of time-and now I like sports)  I think I gained a higher self- esteem. I felt good looking, funny, loved, appreciated, and that I could help others. Is there danger for arrogance there-yes; however, you can realize that you are good at doing certain things, good looking, and able to help others without having a problem. Just don't compare yourself with others. Just remember that you are a child of the most creative and confident being in the universe-and you can be like him-and will be like Him, if you keep progressing. Make friends. Be confident in sharing your talents, smiles, and jokes. Serve your friends. They will love you for it-but even more wonderful-you will love them. Colin helped my progress a lot. I helped him. He helped me. Shy and not many friends is the opposite of your eternal potential. Have faith that you can choose good friends that can help you in your eternal progression. God has set this life to your advantage. You will succeed through his plan. You only need faith. If you don't think that you can change or that your life can change-I tell you now as your brother-  it can change the second you understand the message of the restored gospel. You can change. That's the most important part of this life. It's the greatest gift God CAN give us. YOU CAN BE LIKE HIM.  You have parents and a family that loves you beyond your imagination. God loves you. Do what Mom and Dad say. Be open with them. OPEN. Tell them everything. I DID. You will be very happy when you learn to do that. Your first two best friends are right there before you. Mom and Dad. Learn. Counsel with them. Make your own decisions and tell them about it. Your eternal life depends on this change that you will make. It means learning and living the principles of the Gospel. Mom and Dad can search how to be confident. Above all- Follow the Spirit. In your mortal life there is no other being that will guide you more than him unless you live to see the second coming. Learn to follow the spirit and read the scriptures. I promise you in the name of Jesus Christ that through your study and efforts you will find a greater Aaron- an Aaron like unto the brother of Moses and like unto the Son of Man. Study him. Who is that man? He is the Christ. Study his attributes and become as he is. He was the most confident of any man on earth-for his righteousness and surety of decisions. I love you. And I share this with you in the His name, even Jesus Christ. Amen. 

-Elder Dazey 

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