Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Loving the Work

I really like to think about how we can prepare ourselves and that we can overcome weaknesses. I love to think of how much the life of Christ is similar to our lives, because He had human weaknesses just as we do, but through prayer and constant preparation, he was able to overcome the temptations of the devil. 
   The District Leader Training has begun. Elder Portillo is going to be a class "A" District Leader by the end of the transfer-he'll know what to do when it comes his turn. He's already done some of the calls, I supervised him giving permissions, and we looked at this week’s numbers today and set a district goal for the week. He and I will plan the district meeting together and he'll give the class this Wednesday. Hopefully, we can practice a baptism interview this week and talk about the other responsibilities of a District Leader. I'm excited for him. It's going to be a good week. We're also getting more exact on obedience. Who knew that making breakfast at 7:30 gives you enough time to make and eat a good breakfast? God did. :D
We have already had to leave some more investigators-or they left us. However, we continue to find more investigators, we tried to put a baptismal date yesterday-hopefully the next time, and we are trying to put that family we found on date this week. They came to our Chalupa activity in the chapel this week! YES! Sadly they didn't go to church-but they said they would soon-we'll get on that. We're excited to find more people and see the ones we have progress. Elder Portillo and I have been able to read more of the New Testament like President asked us to do, and man is it good. I don't think I have ever had such a love for the Bible-I've always been a big Book of Mormon kinda guy. It sure helps with the investigators that we have now.
Well-no baptisms this month-but I realized that if I am constantly being more exact in my obedience-down to the minute and the color of my socks-and I am working hard with Elder Portillo with everything I've been told or have learned to do-I should not be sad for not having baptisms-they'll come as I do what I should and I show my love for God and others. I am very happy to see all of the ways that the Lord has blessed us as a companionship in our area and for the opportunity to watch Elder Portillo mature into an obedient, wise, hard-working missionary. He already had the attributes-He just needed a little bit of knowledge and practice. 
   This week we just have to keep the shoulder on the wheel. We'll get there-we just have to remember what to do and do it. Hard work and some happy faces. Zion prospers. You guys are always in my prayers! 

Elder Dazey 

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