Monday, July 20, 2015


(I told Benji that Chellie was contacted by a sister in the mission where she served who was a mission mom to her. This sister recently had a son come home from his mission who had been serving in the same mission as Benji and he spoke very highly of Elder Dazey. I asked Benji if he remembered this elder.) And he said:
I definitely know his name and know that I met him, I just can't think of his face. I'll ask around. I think I know-I think he trained a new elder when I trained and he was a Zone Leader before he trained. (Zone Leader to Elder French-who also trained that transfer-and asked him if he was breaking the law of Chastity because he had heard that he was pregnant...lols training jokes) He seemed like a really cool guy. He's tall and looks like he might be part latino. (I hope that's right)
   This has been a great week. Lots of good things have happened. We got to see some of our new investigators from the last week, and this time they had more of their family in the house! YES! It was awesome! There were 7! I felt during the lesson that I should teach about prophets and apostasy with Moses as the example. I taught that he came down from Mount Sinai and saw the people worshipping idols. The mom got serious and said-is it wrong to worship idols? Elder Portillo was ready with the 10 commandments and we taught them that they shouldn't pray to their images of Christ. We invited them to read the pamphlet and pray to know if they should remove their idols. We have a lot of hope for them and we pray a lot for them. We contacted a ton this week. We decided to stop returning pursuing people that weren't progressing or never had time for other lessons, and suddenly we had more time to find more people! We now have a few families and are focusing on just a few investigators while we search for more. Things are going good. Elder Portillo is learning, I'm learning, and I think that this week God has humbled me more than ever. Being a District Leader?- I am enjoying it :D It sure is a nice experience, and it's great to serve my district. We had a great District Leader meeting. I walked away from it thinking of this great opportunity to serve, and I was on a super service attitude for 2 days straight. I need to keep the attitude up, because I had never felt more satisfied and happy with my mission than I had those two days.
During one of those days we had a great District meeting. The sisters shared experiences that they have had with prayer, and our testimonies grew of the power of prayer. I cried for the first time in a while. It felt good. I will do all I can to get myself in the attitude of service. I've never felt so strongly the love that I did for others as I did those 2 days. 
   I hope things are going well with you guys. I pray for you a whole lot. 

Elder Dazey 

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