Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Learning about Visions

It's been a good week. Later in my letter, I'll talk about that I was reading in Revelation. This because we are teaching a family that is protestant and the Mom began to read in the last book of revelation about not adding or subtracting from "this book"-which she said means the bible, but hopefully I studied enough to help her understand that those verses are only talking about John's book. The sisters in our ward had a baptism! Yay for baptismal interviews! We had exchanges at the beginning of the week with some brothers in our ward. It was great. I was able to go with one and we were able to meet some of his friends, teach them, invite them to baptism and give them a Book of Mormon. It was great. I feel like in this mission we don't get enough experiences like that. I feel like I, personally, and us, as a mission need to learn more how to be good teachers and how to help these people keep their commitments. My companion and I need to think up how we can have better, more powerful lessons. I'm an ‘always improving’ kinda guy, and I feel that I haven't thought up enough ideas lately. I need MORE REVELATION! This is a mission in Mexico. We should be baptizing. Why aren't we? Obviously there is still a lot that I need to learn. A lot more practices I need to do, and a lot of progression that I'll never gain if I don't ask.
   This week I was reading in Revelation for some investigators, and I learned that all of that book is a guided vision like the visions of Nephi, Lehi and Daniel. I wondered- Why don't I have visions? What do I need to do to receive a vision? I shared that as the spiritual thought in ward council. The Bishop shared a quote that said that without a vision, Zion perishes. I was thinking of that, and I had never thought that a vision-like what we think of with a prophet- and a vision-like a view of a future outcome that helps us obtain that outcome-aren't any different. So, as Nefi- I can receive a vision- maybe I won't be guided by an angel in a dream-although possible- but I can receive a vision. This blew my mind. My mission president has a VISION for the mission. Just like Nephi, I can exercise faith in that vision to the point that I can pray to receive that same vision. If I understand correctly, I can receive visions confirming the visions that my president has received. The Lord is compassionate and loving. I knew, of course, that I could receive confirming revelation- but now I know that I can receive a Vision.
There is a return missionary in our area that was an assistant to his mission president in his mission 2 years ago. He was talking about the way that they worked while he was a zone leader. He had many great ideas, and he said that as an assistant they were baptizing 10 people a month along with all of their duties as assistants. That blew my mind. Obviously we shouldn't compare ourselves to others, but I wondered-how did they do it? He said that they didn't pass a day without new investigators, and that they were always using their time effectively. They didn't pass a Sunday without an investigator in sacrament meeting because they knew that that meant a baptism the next month. He shared many things. He spoke of many of the things they did to make sure their goals were met. I realized that I have a long way to go if I wish to be the effective missionary the Lord expects of me.
I think I need to get this vision firm and in place. I haven't done it yet. I haven't set the goals I need to set as a companionship and personally. I need to receive more revelation and think more of what I can do to help my investigators. As I hear the words of the President, I need to pray to receive the whole vision-not just the main goals, but every step that leads us to those goals. Just as Nefi could not understand in it's full effect the dream of his father without experiencing it himself, I too need to receive the same vision that he has received.
The biggest and often most difficult thing is putting all of what I have learned to practice. I'm excited for our District Leader Training Meeting tomorrow.. I want to also receive the whole vision- like President, and what that vision means for my area. 
   Well- There's the big lesson I've learned this week. I know that we can receive visions for the revelation of the Prophet, at least for how his words apply to our lives-if we have the faith of Nephi, and God is willing to reveal those things to us in that time. I invite you all to receive confirming revelation and the same vision that your church leaders have received. It will be your hands that bring that vision to fruition. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 
-Elder Dazey 

P.S.-The picture is of my district from last transfer. 

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