Monday, May 25, 2015

Thriving in "Zion's Camp"

(I sent Elder Dazey a story from about having charity when things are difficult on your mission and how Charity and using positive reinforcement can help.)  And his response was:
Thanks for the help Mom. It really is good. It is something that I need to apply more in my mission. I will have transfers. I think this companionship could have gone a little bit better if I applied that more (Although I honestly did apply it a lot) I will try to apply it more, to be able to help my future companions. It is a great principle, and I am very grateful that you shared it with me. Thanks  :D
   This transfer has been really hard. My companion and I have been in the mission the same amount of time, (He actually has 2 weeks more), I'm the senior companion, and he was already in the area. More than that, he had a history of not being obedient. He had a firm belief at the beginning of the transfer that he and his previous companion had already done almost all the work there was to do and that we couldn't really get more done.  The Mission President told me that I was here to find this area's potential, teach my companion, and knock off some of my rough spots in the process. As you can probably guess, there were a lot of bad feelings from the start. It's been a lot easier from the many prayers that I have received. What I can say is that I have been obedient, I have not given in, and I have hope for the future. God has blessed me with power beyond my own. We are ending with many new investigators that we didn't have before and 2 Investigators with baptism dates set. The area has progressed slowly despite opposition. I've felt a little bit like a babysitter. But! God has been there every step of the way, and you can never be unhappy with your personal actions if you are doing what is right.
   So I feel like this was my own Zion's Camp. I feel like it's been a test to see if I would be obedient and do the will of God. Ultimately, I'm glad for this transfer. It has firmly placed a lot of principles of obedient living in me. I've learned to persevere. I've managed a disobedient companion. I've seen what it is like to have every lesson be a lesson were the spirit is waiting on the sideline for the teaching to be good. I've felt what it is like not to have unity. I can now appreciate the good. 
I wrote this to President Stellmon:
    Yesterday we did exchanges with the Elder's Quorum President and another worthy Melchizedek priesthood holder. I was with our Elder's Quorum President and had the best lesson that I have had this whole transfer. We sang. We had unity. We had the spirit. It was so strong. I haven’t felt this good since I was companioned with Elder Hale. I've missed having the Holy Spirit so strongly in lessons.
   I feel strengthened. I have been blessed with spiritual power, and I have matured. 
The General Authorities who came to visit were awesome. They had a question answer kind of talk and answered a lot of our questions. Thanks for your love mom. It always helps me have good cheer when I think that I have parents and a family and friends who love me, and that the Lord loves me.
   Time to kick some butt in my new area! I'll know tomorrow and I'll let you know next week.
-Elder Dazey

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