Monday, May 11, 2015

I will trust in the Lord

I love you too  :D Sorry that I'm probably a little awkward on the calls. I think the next time we need to set up 5 minutes per person at the beginning to help out with that. I'l give you a hug in 16 months  :D It will be wonderful :D  
**In my letter to Benji, I shared with him the following story that a return missionary told us on Sunday from his mission. “Jordan was saying that where he was serving in Brazil, there are a lot of high rise apartment buildings. They all had doormen and the missionaries were not allowed in a lot of the buildings. So they figured they would start in their building because they could get into that building. So they prayed and started knocking on doors. They came to one apartment where when the woman opened the door, she just stood there staring at them like she couldn't believe her eyes. She invited them in and told them that she had had a dream that two young men like them would come to her door to share an important message and she should let them in! She, at first, thought that they were angels standing there! I believe that as you both pray together, that you will be lead to those who are prepared and that they will find a way to receive the Gospel through baptism no matter what their circumstances are. And Benji’s response was: Thanks for sharing what you said about Jordan. I was able to receive a lot of revelation this week, and I am trying to receive it with Elder Diaz. Hopefully we can get some good things done in this next week.
   Today we had a sweet Zone Activity. Something about zone activities get me pumped. It feels like there you can be exactly who you are. I felt like a total goofball. We played tag football and some different activities, and I got to be a total ham :D It was fun.
   :D One of the Elders asked me today how old I was in the activity. I told him I was 18. Everyone freaked out :D  It was kind of funny. 
   We had exchanges this week and I learned a lot from my district leader. We are going to work more with the members and hope that we can get some good things done here. I'm excited for this week. I HAVE HOPE! I'M WORKING HARD! I'M BEING OBEDIENT! I can say that :D Really that's all I've got to do. I felt a bit down last week, and so in response to last week’s letter to the President, he said " You are doing all you can. That is all we ask.   He said that he trusts me, and that the Lord trusts me. So I figure that I really just need to endure, and keep working hard, and if I just keep going, every little thing will be alright :D #dontworrybehappy

I love you too momma. The home sickness didn't hit me this time after skyping, but that doesn't mean I love you less :D

-Elder Dazey

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