Tuesday, May 5, 2015

And the Work Progresses

Thanks for the prayers. Things have been going better, little by little
 (This following is in response to stories that I told Benji about people from my lesson on Sunday who bore strong testimony of the Gospel as led by the Spirit. They were Defenders of the Faith.) There are  times  during my mission, I have felt the need to say something very clearly and powerfully in lessons. In one of the first lessons with Maria Elena from my last area, we talked about the "ice cream man authority" example (If you don't know what that is, ask Chellie. I felt that I should say directly that the person who had baptized her in her previous church was like the ice cream man, and that he had no authority and that her baptism was not valid. Only those people who have been ordained with Priesthood Power, have the authority to do baptisms. They took it well. She was one of the sisters that got baptized.
   I love you too mom :D  .  I get to skype for one hour. Yeah, My companion is excited about skyping his family too. In answer to some of your questions: My companion doesn't speak english that much. He is not excited about the work, but we have been able to keep going. We got the ward missionaries set apart. We'll see if they come to the training meeting today. The Bishop is weird. But, he is starting to do some good things. We do have a new Elders quorum President that seems very organized, and I think he'll get a lot done. I hope everything is going well. I pray for you guys every day.
    We went to go see that pyramid today. We went through a tunnel inside of it and then explored outside. It's the largest Pyramid in the world for its base. I'll send you more pictures, but I have to do them in different emails. These are pictures of us at the pyramid. The last one is of me and Elder Cruz. He's from Merida :D Which Ward were you guys in? And who were some families that you knew? I would like to see if you knew his family.

Love, Elder Dazey

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