Monday, June 1, 2015

Missionary life is good!

Things are great mom. I'm in Atlixco :D Still in an area close to the mission office, and still living it up in the city. My companion is from Torreon, Coahuila. His name is Elder Portillo. I don't know if you remember those two missionaries that stayed in the house with Elder Hale and I when they got here their first night? He is one of them :D He's awesome. He's really caring, loving, and spiritual. He works hard, and he just finished his training. I do like him :D He's my bud. We live in a house in a department building right next to the city center. It's the nicest house I've had so far. Safe as can be. Do we have any Investigators?- not any that progress, but we're working on that. My companion is the companion of the District Leader. The ward is nice. The people are good, and it looks like the Bishop works hard. Most of the members are very helpful. This area is great. I'll try to take some pictures and send them to you later on. We have to meet up with the Zone leaders for a very important meeting in a Chinese restaurant :) To answer your question, I have taken showers out of buckets many times, but only when the boiler didn't work or the water didn't get to the shower. I'm scared, because in my setting apart as an Elder,  it said that I would be humbled by many experiences on my mission so I imagine that I'll be sent to some of the worst areas at some point ;D
   I'm so happy that everything turned out fine with your wreck. I'm glad to see the hand of God protecting you all. Stake Conference this weekend! Wooo! Tell Zack and Victoria congrats on their graduations and tell them to write me :D 
I love you! 

-Elder Dazey

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