Monday, April 27, 2015

Little by Little

I LOVE YOU TOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been hard, but it has been getting better. We live in cocoyotla. We've given away only 1 Book of Mormon this week. We usually only give one at the end of lesson 1.  We have like 7 investigators. (We need more) Cholula is cool. I'll probably need to buy some new shoes for my birthday.

   I can honestly say that I have already seen some serious progress, and I am not nearly as stressed about what is before me as I was last week. Hopefully we can keep up a solid progress. We have been able to keep up our studies, and we were able to do A LOT of cleaning today. (Something that this house has needed for a while) We had regularly scheduled interviews with the president this week. He helped me see that I needed to help him by being a good, loving example, and he told me that there was a huge ppotential in our area that we needed to find. The assistants made a "9 steps to baptism" poster that organized the investigators and their needs for effective planning. After the interviews I said to Elder Diaz that we needed to make something similar what the assistants had. He started to get excited and put everything on the whiteboard we have in our house. (Sadly we have to give it back to the district leader, but it was a big step, because the first week he only wanted to do a 10 minute weekly planning session) We are now taking our time, and things are starting to go well. Elder Diaz got so pumped about trying to get this ward excited that he planned an activity for the ward that we are going to present to the Bishop. We are going to have a new list of less actives from the bishop today, talk with the Elder's Quorum President Wednesday about Home Teachers and the new list, and try to talk with the leaders of the organizations to organize this activity well. We are also going to work with our ward mission leader to organize or ward missionaries into companionships hopefully with personal investigator assignments and goals. 
There is a lot of stuff in the process, and I'm trying to take things day by day. Hopefully we can help this ward to be self-sufficient spiritually. Sadly we had some investigators that cancelled their wedding, but hopefully they'll be able to figure things out. I'm still trying to learn this area well, and I still have a lot of people to meet.
 I hope everything keeps going well with you guys.

-Elder Dazey

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