Monday, March 2, 2015

Learning Together

Well, everything is well in Galaxia. Our Investigators are coming to church! YES! One of our recent converts recently found an anti-Mormon website and started getting freaked out about some things that it said. Elder Hale was a little afraid to try to respond to some of those doctrinal heavy-hitters because he didn't want to confuse them with his Spanish, so I explained as simply as I could to them the doctrine that we do believe, and that those people only wanted to instill fear in her. Everything that I taught were things that were touched on in lesson 2, so I just retaught and showed her some scriptures that talked about those subjects. She seemed a lot calmer at the end, and said that she'd try to avoid people and websites like that, because they only mean to deceive. I had some good studies this week in which I was able to think about how I could be more efficient by trying to be calmer. Elder Hale taught me the progressive relaxation exercise in "Adjusting to Missionary Life." I felt super relaxed, and I felt like I didn't have to worry so much about things because whether I worry or not, almost the same result will come out. I've been trying to imagine positive outcomes in everything, and I feel like that keeps me positive. I think I expect too much of myself sometimes, and I need to learn to laugh at my mistakes and realize that it's okay to mess up sometimes. We set up like a million (which happens to be an outrageous exaggeration) appointments with new investigators this week, but most of them fell through. We did however, find a new family that seemed very interested to listen, and seem like they could progress well. We had what was probably our most constructive Companionship Inventory this week. I was able to focus on things that I could try to help him with, and we kept the whole thing light-hearted and were able to feel more love in that meeting. I think that little by little I understand this whole companionship "thing" more. I feel like there is more love, service, and smiles to it then I might have thought of before. I continue thinking about what I can do to be more diligent, and so a goal this week is to be more sociable, to compliment people more, and to ask good, heartfelt questions, and then listen. We had the opportunity this week to do a service project! I feel like it is so hard to find planned service, however, we were able to help someone paint their new dry cleaners business. The lady who owns it is an investigator of some of the sisters in our district. It felt really good to do that. It reminded me of planned service I would do before the mission, and it was really fun :D There was a protestant lady that we had set up an appointment with, and she only really wanted to contend. I very calmly explained, with a smile, what we believe, in hopes that maybe she would understand the church more. At some point I realized that she wanted to tell us what the church believes, so I bore my testimony, and gave her a pamphlet with our number in case we could serve her in any way. I felt a bit drained afterwards. I know that my letter is organized differently, I brought my journal this time and am using it to recount some experiences.
    Elder Hale is learning a lot, and some of the things he hasn't learned are for some fault of mine, but we still have another 6 weeks to get better! Nothings gone particularly wrong or really good, it has just been a steady, diligent progression this week.
   We have another baptism this weekend, so we are going to help this sister be ready this week. I've felt good this week. I think I am slowly starting to find a balance.
Love you guys! You're the besterest! 

-Elder Dazey 

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