Monday, February 23, 2015

Re-defining Elder Dazey

Thanks for all of the ideas to help our missionary work!  I know that I need to be myself. It feels so much better. I need to remember how I was more and try to apply that to my new life in Mexico. Thanks for the encouragement. I will try to keep up the good work and be a better ME. We definitely need to plan some new activities to do. It seems like the same thing every day, and our district leader is very number focused, so the work hasn't seemed that personal. We have a great Ward Mission Leader. How are the Ward Council meetings in church? When do you make your yearly ward mission plan? I'd really like some ideas about how the missionaries work within the ward and with the ward council. I know that you are always involved with that, and our Relief Society president is THE BOSS, but I think that we need to excite the rest of the ward to do missionary work.
   I have felt very guided this week in finding things to do when other things fall through. Tell Julia that I am sorry to hear about her ankle :/ That sounds rough. Tell Julia to E-mail me! I need some Julia love. 
   Thank you so much for all of the pictures! You guys look great! Colin looks SUPAH fine without those braces. I hope everything is going well with everyone. 
    I figured I might share one of my favorite miracles from this week. To start off, I must explain that I don't get to cry that often. Someone told me once that President Eyring said that it was a gift of the Spirit (If I remember correctly) Anyway, this week we were going to visit a family to tell them that we would have to change our appointment for another day. They asked us to come in. They explained that they wanted to just have the lessons with us, and that they did not want to involve the member family that lived a few doors down. They explained that they had had bad experiences with neighbors before, and that they did not want to trust any of their neighbors anymore. They talked for a long time about what had happened. They probably didn't share any of the details that were the hardest for them, because to me what had happened didn't seem that bad. However, I felt that I should speak of this member family and tell them about how great they are. Although we almost never do, I felt that I should share with them that that family had been the ones who had sent us to them. The sister said something like "So they just said, "Go over to that neighbor's house! They are the best!"" I felt in that moment a great amount of love for both of those families. I told them that I knew that that family had recommended them out of love for them, and that they were the type of family that they could trust. The moment I said that they had recommended them out of love, the tears came. I started crying for what was probably the first time on my mission that I can remember. I had started worrying at the beginning of this week if I really loved these people enough, and if I was really changing. In that moment I knew. I knew that I was a new person, and that most importantly, I was gaining a small part of Christ's capacity to love.
I have felt led by the spirit to make decisions that bring about success this week. We have contacted like we have never contacted before, and this next week should be full of new investigators. We are getting better in every way. Elder Hale has more confidence in Spanish. We are learning together. Our planning sessions have been amazing. I have never planned so well in my mission. We always know what to do, and if we aren't sure, the Spirit tells us. It's been good. I made a new attribute that I based on Elder Sanchez. It's "knowledge." I have been reading my Patriarchal blessing, and I have learned so much. I love it. 


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