Friday, March 20, 2015

Learning more and more

Elder Hale and I have been able to talk even more this week! By the time we got to companionship inventory, we were able to say a lot about the strengths that we have. Sadly we didn't have too much that we could say on how we could improve, but I think that we were happy with each other, and we were able to make a good step in the right direction on that. We've had a pretty good week. We were a little more excited at the beginning of the week because we have 3 baptismal dates that we thought would make it. At this point they have missed some important chances for attendance at church. We had no new investigators this week. There were many chances, but they all fell through. I felt a little down by the end. We did however get more members in our lessons this week. We are working hard, but I feel like we've hit an obstacle in our progress because we haven't been able to get new investigators. Our investigators all have some kind of obstacle. I know that as we work smarter, we will harvest the fruits that we are planting.
   We had some exchanges this week. Elder Gomez and I talked about how sometimes many missionaries want to be strictly obedient, and then they get upset at their companion for not doing it. He talked about how he had seen that people who did that were obedient to the rules (except possibly for the law that Christ set to not be angry) but, that those people were not happy. I realized that I am not happy when I do that, so I had to think about what was going wrong. Obedience is supposed to make you happy, so I must have been doing something wrong. I realized that I should read about judging others. I read in True to the Faith, and I realized that I need to start judging their situation before I judge the person. We should judge righteously and understand the facts enough to make a good judgement. I realized that for every time a companion was disobedient, I probably needed to look at his situation first, and then help that situation get better instead of blaming it on bad character or something. There are times when I am disobedient, and if I judge others without seeing their heart first, God will judge me without seeing my heart, because he will judge me in the same way that I judge others. I realized that I needed to take more care in my judgements.
We have started to have a lot of rain. I have put that giant coat to use. I am very glad that it is waterproof! I've enjoyed the rain. I love the way that nature has been the past few days. Today was a clear, beautiful day. We got to unwind in a zone activity today. I've done a lot of singing recently. We will have a zone conference and a "Noche blanca" where we will baptize a bajillion investigators. We set up some choir numbers for both of them.
Well, I am glad to be here on the mission. I am learning to help others, and much about life in general. I am glad for this opportunity that I have. My faith in Christ is growing every day. I have seen how I can be better, and I have gained a lot of wisdom. I am still very far from the ultimate goal, but I know that the little things I do every day are changing me. I've need this opportunity to train. I can already see what a blessing it has been in my mission. Thank you all for the encouragement. I love you!
-Elder Dazey

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