Monday, March 30, 2015

Being Filled

 I LOVE FOOD. The members always fill me up here :D I think your right. I need to look back and see how far I've come. The truth is that I am so different. I used to get angry over things. I used to get more frustrated. I think a lot more before I act now. I feel the spirit more. I am kinder to people. I can choose to be happy and choose to overcome. I used to get upset and not be able to move on or just smile, even though I should have. The atonement gives me the strength. I do thinks I couldn't do before. 
   It will be cool  to watch General Conference in Spanish, but it's hard to get as much out of it, and it is the saddest feeling hearing their voice right at the beginning, and then it change to Spanish. However, I'm pretty sure that President Scott does his own Spanish recordings, so that's cool :D And who knows, maybe there will be some more Spanish speakers :D I'd like that. 
    It's a real blessing to be on a mission. It's crazy to think that I am already over a quarter of the way through. I love to see the lives of these people change. We were finally able to have a lesson with a less active that we have been trying to get to. He was talking about how he is trying to change his life right now. He has been trying to stop smoking, so we immediately taught him about the word of wisdom. It was awesome. He gave us 12 references! We had been a little worried about getting references, but he gave us some! It felt really good, because we have something like 16 member households, and we've pretty much received every name that every one of them knows. So we have been thinking about inviting every member in our area to get to know three new neighbors, and then we'll start working with them. We're thinking about making a little "Galaxia Army" of member missionaries, and checking up on them every other day or so to see how they are going with the invitation we left them.
We have a couple that is close to baptism, and just started keeping all of their commitments. They went to the "noche blanca," (The night of white-Baptismal night) at church, and have been reading everything we leave. It's been really good. We're really excited for them. Elder Hale works hard, and he's a good companion. I've really enjoyed being with him, and watching his Spanish, teaching, and faith increase. I've enjoyed teaching this week. We've been trying to have better unity, and use the teaching skills in preach my gospel. I organized my scriptures by themes a few weeks ago, and so I've been adding scriptures to use for each lesson as I go along. I've been able to read a lot in Jesus the Christ -which is amazing- and I feel like I'm getting to know Christ more. My whole view of him is changing as I read. I love He and God more and more as I study the scriptures and the missionary library. Well, cambios (change meetings? What is English?) are coming up soon. I have mixed feelings about what may happen. I've been here so long that it would be hard to say goodbye and have a change, but also I feel that I'm ready to leave. But I'll be happy whatever happens, as long as I am cast into the deep water, because that is where I am wont to swim :D    I love that picture you sent me. I got the teary feels looking at it. I've been reading Jesus the Christ a lot this week. I could talk about it forever, however, in the part that I read today it talked about how he turned water to wine. I found it really cool because Elder Talmage talks about how Christ was probably going table to table, enjoying the feast. Jesus is social. That is so cool. I thought of that when you mentioned what Chellie said about the people at the dance. I guess I have a Christ-like attribute :D I've really been able to understand Christ more as I have been able to read. He mentions how Christ would have seemed a lot more normal than we might think, and that he wasn't socially obscure. I love Christ more and more every day. He is my savior. He is our savior. He is the son of God. My faith in him grows daily as I strive to be like him and understand his character. 
   Anyway, I love you guys BUNCHES. BIG OL' BANANA BUNCHES. And I can't wait to talk again.
 - I love you mom :D 
Elder Dazey XD 

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