Wednesday, April 8, 2015

General Conference Week

Transfers are a week from tomorrow. I am excited for a change, but it's going to be strange if I do. Although I think that I will. 
   I loved conference. It was really great. God discerned my needs, because the questions that I came with where not immediately answered; however, many questions that I forgot I had were answered. I'm glad that you got to see it all. I was able to see conference in English from the Family History Center :D We did however see Elder Pino's talk in Spanish. Elder Packer's talk was awesome. I really enjoyed it. With Elder Holland's talk, we barely took notes. I was so glued to the screen that my pen hardly touched my paper. I loved his talk. I never knew that Christ was also called the second Adam. I loved what Elder Holland said about Christ grasping us like a lightning bolt in a summer storm. The whole talk I was on the edge of my seat. (Or rather, hanging from the edge of a cliff :D) 
   I can't wait for the Mexico City temple to be finished. I really want to go.
   Well, this week has been different. All of our investigators where on break, so we had a bit of a hard time filling up our week with work. I was also a little sick for a few days, so this week has been really really different from the normal week between that and conference. I'm glad to be here, and I'm glad to get back into the game this week. I studied about my purpose as a missionary this morning to get me pumped.  We were going to have 2 baptisms this weekend, but that depended on their attendance at the conference. 
   I really enjoyed the conference. There were very few talks that I wasn't very touched by I really liked the 70's talks this year too. They were right on. Sorry that I don't have my notes with me. I liked all the ones that applied to missionaries (Especially on from Elder Eyring in Priesthood Session), YSA, Marriage (Especially the one from the R.S. President), Family (Especially Elder Packer's), and enduring to the end (one in Spanish and the one right after or before it-Can't remember). And that music one with the dancing and not hearing the music of the gospel. Basically I loved it all. Anyway, I have to get going. I'll try to write more next week. (We have to wash our clothes with a different member today) 

Elder Dazey 

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