Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spanish is Great and Sharing the Gospel through Modern means

Voy a empezar con tus preguntas. La idioma es bonita. Me encanta español y estoy MUCHISIMO ANIMADO para ir a Mexico. Pienso que tendremos nuestros planes de viajar mañana! La enseñanza en español es facil pienso. Aveces no puedo recordar las palabras que debo usar, pero puedo hablar mas suave. No, no podíamos ver Conozca A Los Mormones. Es una lastima. Todos quieren verla. Estoy celoso que Chellie podia verla. El otro dia, Elder Klingaman pidio a el sitio de web a tener el video en el CCM (MTC) No pienso que vamos a verla, todavia no hay un video en español. Entonces, tengo que esperar. Voy a escribir mas en ingles despues que lavo me ropa. Se amo a todos!
It was great to have all of the letters from everyone. It is great to know that people are thinking and praying about me. I'm glad that I provided a Where's Waldo? moment, Doug. The MTC is great. Spanish is great. My companion and I are better than ever. The district is great. I was released as the District Leader, and since our Zone is now only our district, Elder Wilson and I are the Sacrament coordinators, and everyone has a "calling." 
We had two great devotionals this past week. We had D Greg Droubay, the missionary media president (I actually have no Idea what the name of that calling actually is) speak to us. He shared a lot about what is going on in advertising for the church and how they are helping us missionaries. He said that Mormon.org gets 44,976 unique site views a day, 897 people that chat with missionaries a day, and 323 referrals for missionaries. I love how we are using the internet the way it is intended to be. Keep Flooding The Earth With The Gospel. You can be the difference in other people's lives. Share Goodness, share talks, scriptures, pictures, info-graphs. You are helping us as missionaries. He told us to invite all to visit Mormon.org and ask them if they have seen our advertisements. 
 Please watch Meet the Mormons for me. I want to see it so bad, and all of the proceeds go to the Red Cross. You're practically killing two birds with one stone. Our other devotional was from Elder Larry R. Lawrence of the seventy. He talked about how we can combat Satan in our lives. He explained that when we feel temptation, we need to command Satan to go away, and then site a scripture. You all have power over him. You can do it. Please do it. Another interesting thing that I learned is that Satan does not know our thoughts. So he does not know the fruits of his labor until we act. We have the power through our own efforts and the power of God to overcome temptation. God will not allow him to tempt us more than we can bear. I love you all and encourage you to not stand passive during the coming forth of this great work. The Restoration isn't over, and You can be part of it. 
I love you all, and hope that you are safe, happy, and choosing the right.
Elder Dazey

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