Monday, October 6, 2014

Singing in the Missionary Choir at Conference!

The entire West campus is Spanish speaking and we are all going to different countries. My companion and I are going to the same mission. A lot of what has happened in the past few weeks will be in the letter home. It's good that you are reading D and C. I haven't read it all the way through, and I have realized how important it is that I do that.
Since I am sharing things about my stay at the MTC through a physical letter, I wanted to express some of the more spiritual topics, especially the experience of being a member of the MTC Priesthood Session Choir. Our practices began with the director explaining that we would be doing a lot of first in General Conference. We will be the first choir to sing a Medley at General Conference, and we are the first to sing primary songs, (Which are a part of the Medley). The first time I sang the Missionary Medley, it almost brought me to tears. Singing with this choir has been the most spiritual music experience I have ever been a part of. Every song that we sing is truly inspired of God for the world. If you listen closely to the words that we sing, you will feel the power of this profound message. I have grown to love every song that we sing. Take the time to listen to them many times, and ponder over their words. The spirit teaches through music. I testify of this truth. The Missionary Medley consists of four songs, and demonstrates the progression of of young man to missionaries. I will talk about a few of my favorite parts, but you all will have to find the parts that stick out to you. Just thinking of the entire progression, I can see how perfectly this message applies to my life. There is a point in which the choir sings two of the songs simultaneously, and they have been masterfully woven together. In this section the basses sing "We'll Bring The World His Truth."  The song had to be condescend at one point to fit the arrangement, and one line contains the combination of the first and last lines of the song. It says, "We have been bring the world His truth." I am resisting crying just writing this letter. I was born to bring the world his truth. I feel like Joseph Smith when he talks about James 1:5-6 and says that no scripture had entered into the heart of many with such power as this one did to mine. This song, although I can not claim to be more moved by a song than any other person, has moved me to a greater desire for a change of heart. I want to live up to that line. I also wish to speak of the arrangement of "Ye Elders of Israel" that we are singing. This song at first was not as powerful to me until it was explained. Learn about this song, and about Babylon and the glory thereof. This song is a call to all to come and join us on mount Zion, and a last goodbye to our beautiful home in Zion. I am most moved in the final lines when we say for the last time "O Babylon, O Babylon, we bid thee farewell; We're going to the mountains of Ephraim to dwell." I realized that this is a perfect representation of us as missionaries. We are saying goodbye to our own beautiful homes and families to go forth to a better cause, to an even greater, eternal home. In this last line I feel that the entire army of missionaries have now turned away from Babylon and now have their eyes set on the Mountains of Ephraim. There is great joy in this. The music is most beautiful at this point, and the power with which we sing to the world and invite them to come with us is indescribable. Let the Priests now about this, and have them know that we are calling them to join the ranks. Finally I want to relate that I have not had any trouble being homesick. I love and miss you all, but it has not distracted me in the least. However, during one of our Tuesday Devotionals, I felt truly homesick. The speaker decided to focus his talk on the song about the first vision that a teacher's choir sang prior to the meeting. It said something to the effect of asking God if he had nurtured us in our primeval state. I closed my eyes and imagined God taking care of us a spirit children; speaking to us, and laughing with us. I felt homesick for a place I cannot remember. Read scriptures every day. Do family home evening. Pray for the work. Pray in repentance and feel the power of the Atonement. I love you all.
-Elder Dazey

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