Monday, October 27, 2014

A bit about life at the MTC

Oct. 2, 2014I 
So I know that I didn't write a letter last week, but hopefully I can tell you a little bit more about what goes on at the MTC on a weekly basis. I'll try to abridge my journal. 
My first day we had an MTC Presidency Message, and we sang Army of Helaman. However, we replaced the words so that it said, 'And we are now the Lord's missionaries,' and 'For now we are called.' This was the greatest feeling. It's like every song that hopes for missionary work has now been achieved. I am a missionary!
Throughout the first week we started teaching lessons with an investigator. These were great  experiences even though we found out the next week that this investigator was actually going to be our other teacher, and that they prepare us for a real experience by not telling us that they are fake. But the practice is definitely real. We had a lesson with Orlando (our first investigator) that consisted of having all of us draw pictures of ourselves and write our weaknesses and strengths. Then he showed us how the Atonement can make all of these things stronger. We read scriptures from Alma 7 about the Savior. 
The first week we were visited by our Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leader about every other day. They would often come bearing gifts (the Sisters). The first opportunity that I had to interview the Senior Companions in my District was fantastic. I really got to learn a lot about them and especially their companions. We have devotionals twice a week on Sunday and Tuesday nights. They are really powerful and each of the speakers speaks very powerfully with the Spirit. They have choir practice also on the same days and have the MTC choir (Elders and Sisters) sing together on the Tuesday Devotional. There are so many missionaries that want to do choir that they actually left our district out of one of the devotional choirs because we were a little bit later than everyone else. We also get to watch a church video every Sunday after the devotional. The first one that we watched was of President Bednar, and he spoke on the Character of Christ. This video was so inspiring! It is only shown at the MTC, but is honestly one of the greatest messages anyone could apply to their lives. He speaks about how the Character of Christ is the ability to turn outwards to others just at the point that we feel we want to turn inwards because of the natural man. In times of trial, we need to be like the Savior when He healed the soldier's ear in the Garden of Gethsemane, after experiencing the greatest pain of all time. 
We have to take MTC campus IDs with us everywhere we go to get into places and to get food. One occasion, I could not find mine, and we had decided to leave without it. I thought I had looked everywhere. I had the distinct impression that it was in my shirt pocket from the day before, and I ran with my companion to retrieve it. I realized on the way there that I was acting in faith on an impression from the Spirit. I got to the room, and it was exactly where I was told it would be.
The Provo Temple is about 1000 times more beautiful on the inside than the outside. One day, I met a friendly bee that decided to land on my hand. I carried him for a few hundred feet, and ten let him crawl into a flower. He was so calm. I had another experience like the campus ID one where I was looking for my wallet because I needed my Temple recommend. I couldn't jind it, and everyone was searching everywhere for it. We knelt to pray and I found it very quickly. There are many tender mercies at the MTC. 
I hope that everyone is doing well, and that you are all seeking to develop spiritually. I am praying for David Moss. I love you all and don't forget that love is a verb! You can't just think it. You have to do it! If you do, you will find greater happiness and peace. 
With Love, 

Elder Dazey

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