Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Well things have been going well. We have been going still with some of the old investigators that the other Elders had. Sadly our baptism from last week fell through, but we will have it soon probably. The thing is that Fany's boyfriend made her think that she isn't ready to get baptized. We're kind of upset with him. But it will be fine In other news we had a meteor hit Puebla. I was in exchanges so I didn't see it, but apparently it fell at like 3 in the morning and my comp woke up and saw it. Apparently, it shook the whole house and lit up everything.
This week we had a ton of stuff to do. Last Monday we had a zone activity that we had to plan and get rolling. We did "minute to win it." And then on Tuesday we had to give our zone training meeting. On Wednesday we had to give a presentation to the Stake President about our Zone and we had to do it without President Stellmon because we got their late because our taxi picked us up really late. On Thursday we had our weekly planning session, on Friday exchanges with a district leader and on Saturday we did divisions so that my companion could go talk to an investigator that I had already talked to from another area. (He had to go because this guy is a big baby and did not like me after I was with him- but I was not hard on him at all) So my comp came back kind of freaked out because apparently that guy was really mean and had looked up anti-Mormon stuff and just talked really bad about the church and how he did not want to get baptized. (He isn't exactly a good guy- but we were going for a last chance rescue mission) So yesterday we had to do divisions again because we had a lot of appointments and then one of the brothers didn't come so we had to get someone last minute and hit up a few appointments. Then I talked a little bit with the ward mission leader about things we could do to get the ward moving with missionary work. It was a fun week-exhausting- but fun. Anyway I LOVE YOU MOM. WE'LL KEEP WORKING HARD :D

Love, Elder Dazey

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