Saturday, May 7, 2016


So We have been working with Marco- the investigator that was supposed to get baptized this last Sunday. We are still working with him- the thing is is that his Mom doesn't want him to get baptized yet because he is 16. So we got to his house and we have a rule in the mission where we can't go into a house unless there is a man there. We were thinking about doing the lesson outside of the house but it was raining really hard and hailing. We stood underneath a balcony while we waited for it to calm down. We were wet and cold. We were wondering what we could do- It was a really important cita (appointment). We started talking about commanding the storm to stop in the name of Christ. We were thinking about it- but we also didn't want to do it without a prompting. Nothing else was working. No one was coming. I told my companion that we should command the storm to stop. I told him- If it is the will of God- It will stop, if not, it won't. If we command and it is his will- it will stop. So we did. It didn't stop. we waited. A man came out of the door of the house in front of us- neighbor to our investigator's house. He told us to come in to get out of the rain. God wanted us to teach him. We talked and taught and gave him a Book of Mormon, with some reluctance on his part. As we ended the lesson, the storm stopped. He didn't want us to come back- he wasn't that interested- But God planted a seed. God set it up. That was his will. We had the appointment with our other investigator outside- now that God had subsided the storm. 
God sends Miracles.
I love you- I won't have time to type the other experiences. 
-Elder Dazey

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