Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Skyping and April Fools!

     When we skyped Elder Dazey on Mother’s Day, he told us about how Marco was able to get baptized even though his mom had been against it. Apparently, during one of their lessons with him where his mom was present, she asked, “If he were to get baptized, would he be allowed to visit my Catholic mass with me every once in a while?” and the Elders said that yes, that would be ok. And she said, ”Oh! I thought that he wouldn’t be able to! Well, in that case, yes, he can be baptized into your church.” (and so he was!)
     We also found out that Elder Dazey and his companion had a lot of fun on April Fools Day! They, as Zone Leaders, decided to prank their Zone. So they called around to the different companionships and told them that their was emergency transfers and that they needed to get packed up quickly! Of course they let them know that they were joking, eventually. And then, they decided that they wanted to prank their Mission President! So they thought about something that would sound believable and they called him up right as it was the normal time that they would be leaving to go out and work. They have a spiral staircase in their apartment and so when Elder Dazey called the President, he said “President, on our way out this morning, my companion fell down the spiral staircase and I’m pretty sure that he broke his leg!” The mission president was all worried and asked what hospital he was taking him to. And Elder Dazey said, “Well, the good news is that it’s April Fools Day!” And the president said that that didn’t matter, what hospital was he taking him to! And Elder Dazey repeated that it was April Fools Day. And the Mission President said, “Elder Dazey, do you think this is funny?” And he said, “ Well, yes, I did.” And the Mission President responded with, “Well then, GAME ON!”
Three weeks went by and Elder Dazey and his companion got a call from a companionship that they knew were having problems. And the Elder told them that his disobedient companion had gotten mad and walked out of the apartment alone and he had no idea where he had gone! Elder Dazey and his comp started forming a plan as to how they would find this Elder and they called up the Assistants to the President to let them know what was going on. They didn’t believe Elder Dazey, saying this was probably another prank like on April Fools Day and hung up on them. So they called the President. They told him what was going on and he listened. He asked them what was their plan for finding this lost Elder and they told him that they were going to call the companion back and form a search party. And the President said, “Well, before you call him back, do you remember a call you made to me 3 weeks ago?” And they responded sheepishly that they did. And he said, “Well, this is PAYBACK!” he laughed. They were stunned. They’d been pranked back and more and never saw it coming!
**Since we just skyped him, his letter was short this week.
  I hope that things keep going well. I have had a good week this week. The other Elders from our ward moved to another ward so we have the whole ward to ourselves. We have basically been working on taking care of both sides. We picked up a lot of work from them and will, hopefully have a lot of baptisms coming up soon. We will need to work hard to keep everything going. We had our leadership meeting on Friday and we just set up the plan for the Zone on Saturday with the Sister Training Leaders. I love you guys a lot. I hope that things keep going well!
Elder Dazey

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