Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Work will Move Forward at the Speed WE are prepared to move

    Well this week has gone well. We had a baptism on Saturday with Hector. He just had back surgery so we had to put a patch over his surgery so that water wouldn't get in and get it wet. But it all went well! We thought that not many people were going to come because we have been really busy with things this week and we didn't have much time to invite many people to the baptism- but we got a nice group there. We've just been running around doing a bunch of stuff. Helping Elders and working in a much farther part of our area. It hasn't been my favorite week.
   President in our Zone Conference told us that one of the area 70 asked him if his mission was ready to get 500 baptisms a month. President said that he didn't think we were ready. So the 70 responded and said that he doesn't think that the members are ready either. So president wants us to start preparing for that.
   Elder Cook and I are starting to elaborate a plan to work with the members better. It is based on the Importance of Members section in chapter 9 of Preach my Gospel. The plan is basically to help them and prepare them to be the kind of member missionaries that can help us get 10 baptisms a month. It is kind of a long term plan- but basically we are focusing on inviting them to come unto Christ and helping them have a conversion from member to member missionary. Basically it consists in steps very similar to steps that one would take to prepare an investigator for baptism. 
1. Gain their Trust (Service, Love, Obedience, Interest in their lives, and teaching them the Doctrine of Christ)
2. Strengthening their Faith (L1, L2, L3- with a big focus on lesson 3, helping them remember their conversion experience)
3. Inviting them to repent by teaching them tactics and inviting them to do them. ("Andar haciendo bienes", Keep doing well, Ayuno y oracion por la obra, fast and pray for the work, Cultivar amistades nuevas, cultivate new friendships, Abrir la boca,open your mouths, Invitar a amigos,invite friends, Maestros orientadores, teach investigators, Su ejemplo personal, be a good example, Hermanamiento, brotherhood, enseñar a los demás )teach everyone.
Basically we are going to try to convert them into a new way of thinking and into members who don't have fear to do the work. I think that once we have a bunch of members like this and we can figure out the best way to organize our schedules with them- that is when we will be baptizing 10 a month- so we are going to start preparing our area for that.
   Hopefull, we can put it to work well. It's going to take a while. We are excited for it though. I'm loving the mission Mom. There was a new Missionary that left our ward to go to Brazil this week. He stopped by our house in the morning to say goodbye. Elder Chichia. We are really excited for him.
Anyway I'm going to stop writing. iI LOVE YOU GUYS A LOT!
-Elder Dazey

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