Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Full of the Christmas Spirit

      So this week has been awesome. We had some intercambios (splits) this week and I went with Elder Corral and with Elder Mendez. It was pretty cool because I was with my kid again. Also Elder Mendez is just about to go home and he was asking me about sight reading music- so I taught him some basic music theory. We sang songs for our language study that day. We found 16 new investigators this week, finished the week with 9 baptismal dates and loads of other stuff. The sad thing is that although we did a ton to get people to church, only 2 people came, so a few of our baptismal dates fell through.
      Christmas time is here. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. It's the best. It just gives me so many feels. President challenged us to make this Christmas special. So I'm going to do my best. I'm loving the Christmas music. 
      To answer some of your questions, my companion is really cool. He was going to go to an awesome school to play football-but in his 2nd to last game he broke the tendons on the inside of his knee so he decided that that was a sign that he should go on a mission. He is a hard worker- loves sports and is really good at them. We talk a lot- and share tons of stories together. He is very spiritual and has a lot of power in his teaching. He's a funny guy. He loves his family. He's worked hard his whole life. He used to be a firefighter and he is from St. George Utah and previously lived in Las Vegas. We have a lot in common and yet we grew up in different worlds. I love my Comp. :D
      I am going to buy a Christmas tree and some pine scent :D I'm going to try to make this last Christmas special. I'm going to finish Jesus the Christ before Christmas. I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC. 
     During the General Christmas Broadcast from Salt Lake,  I loved Elder Bednars talk about the light of the world and Elder Uchtdorf's about "The Generous One" and I loved hearing the other inspiring stories. I love hearing the General Authorities and Sisters :D
-Elder Dazey

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