Saturday, November 7, 2015

Winding up Training/ and Day of the Dead-Cool!

   It's fun to baptize. We had a great time. Sadly our second baptism fell through, and we don't know what happened with him. Hopefully we will see him soon and work everything out.
Elder Corral is doing well. In 12 weeks he had to take the lead this whole week. He takes the lead really well. I think that he will be a very good leader. He's funny, charismatic, intelligent, and hard working. Sometimes he gets down a bit and during this week I had to take the lead sometimes, but overall I think that he's going to be awesome.
Well, we're feeling good. Adolfo was baptized, we got our new investigators up to 4 and we'll be working hard to keep it up. I love the work. I'll try to send more photos next week.
If you look up pictures of Atlixco on the Internet and look at all they do here for Day of the Dead, that is exactly how it is here. It's really sweet. And all of downtown is my area- so everything you see there, I am seeing every day :D
Well, cambios (Transfers) are coming up. Next week I will probably be in another area. Craziness.
I love you guys!
PS. The pictures are of our Zone having a Volleyball activity

-Elder Dazey

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