Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Whole New Exciting Energy

Miracles everywhere. Elizabeth, Vicki, Osben, Grisel, and Anahi are all getting baptized this weekend. We've got tons to do- But we're feeling good.
We did some divisions this week. While we were out, we found loads of new investigators and Elder Creager contacted someone that happened to be a member- with 5 kids and a husband that are interested in listening! WHAT? We put some baptismal dates this week, and one of the families that we found our first week is super excited to get baptized in December and is getting all of their papers together to get married.
I feel revolutionized. I feel revitalized. Absolutely Ready. I feel good. This is a whole different world. We've got 5 people getting baptized this weekend, and a ton in December. 
   We had a great Zone training meeting- We talked to everyone about ward lista (Area Book) and how to use them.  (Benji asked us to send several funny pictures last week of him) We used the pictures for a funny introduction.
Elder Dazey

 (I asked Benji if they were doing anything  for Thanksgiving and he said) we'll have a zone conference that day and we'll be eating a Texas Barbeque made my an argentine cook!

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