Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Transfer with a Surprise?

   Well I am being transferred. You won't get news about changes until next week...but! I got a message from President- "D&C 123:17. Buckle your seat belt." That's all he said. Pray for me D:
 Man does President know how to get a missionary pumped. Let's see what the Lord has ahead. I have no idea what is in store-but I'll be praying.
Elder Corral and I are doing well. We finished the 12 weeks program and we are ready for the transfers. We spent awhile taking pictures today :D We had fun. It's been a good two transfers together.
The district is doing well. We've got some baptismal dates coming up. I was able to finish all of the things I had to, to leave the area well, so I'm not worried.
Our investigator that was going to get baptized-Miguel-is going to get baptized next week. I think he got freaked out about baptism.
I have been super chill this week. I have not felt so good for a while. Tranquilidad. (Tranquility) I started working on my stress and it has made a world of difference. I feel good. I will keep working on it, and hopefully I will stay that way.
Sadly our new investigators this week were hard to get back with, and some of our investigators said that they didn't want to listen anymore :( Hopefully they'll change their minds soon. They are very hooked onto the whole Virgen Mary thing.
   We have some investigators that are progressing well. I'm sad to leave this area.

Elder Dazey

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