Monday, October 5, 2015

Thoughts on General Conference

The care package you sent was yummy-we ate it during General Conference. Tell the Laurels thanks for the letters-but that luckily I have not read them all yet. Give Sister Chapman a big hug from me because she sends me a wonderful letter just about every month.

 SO WHICH SCRIPTURE ARE YOU PONDERIZING? Mine is Mosiah 4:30. I figured that I should start pondering about the importance of ponderizing-or keeping virtuous thoughts. Man is it exciting! YES.
   CONFERENCE IS THE BEST. I think when I get back from the mission I'm going to listen to straight up conference talks for the rest of my life. I'd be happy :D
How wonderful it is to have living prophets, seers, and revelators to guide us before the second coming of Our Lord. It's great! I loved the talks. I loved the talks from President Uchtdorf (both of them), Elder Hales (Note to self- read after the mission), Elder Holland (I love you Mom- thanks for everything. I can't imagine the pain I've given you at some points in my life. Thanks for always LOVING me. :D), Elder Bednar (  :' D  I loved the part with Elder Hales about only doing that which was most important), Sister Neill F. Marriot (Yay for southern accents-it's been long enough), Elder Larry B. Lawrence (5 stars. I loved it so much. I was just thinking about doing that every day- and keeping the spirit always.), President Monson ( KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS. Oh how we love you, President Monson) President Eyring ( I loved the stories from his Dad) WHAT A GREAT CONFERENCE! I wish I could say everything-but I'm glad I can say a little bit- I'm sure that we have all been strengthened by conference. I pray that you are all going to continue feasting on these words-and making the changes necessary in your lives. Will you do it?
Elder Dazey

P.S.- I need to hear what scripture everyone is ponderizing- and if you want to share the gospel- post it to Facebook and ask others what they are reading-all of you. Then send me the responses. How long will you PONDERIZE? a month? 2? a year? 20? 

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