Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Learning and Growing and Peace and Contentment

We got to baptize! YES! It was an awesome baptism too. A lot of Montse's family was there and it was awesome. There were like 50 people there! It was a great feeling to see her make that choice. Elder Corral and I are happy. And now Miguel has agreed to get baptized, we just have some teaching to do. Hopefully it all works out.
We had a great meeting with our Zone leaders! We talked about how God directed everything and that his plan isn't always what we expect. The zone leaders are funny :D

Elder Corral and I had a good week.  I'm glad to be here in Atlixco. Who would have thought that one could learn so much. I keep learning-and I am starting to understand leadership and attributes of Christ that I had never understood before. I feel that there are many times that I read the scriptures or preach my gospel, and I don't understand exactly how I can apply those things in certain situations. I am starting to learn them by experience. The Lord is kind and longsuffering. I realize now how to better treat many situations. I'm excited to learn more.
We contacted a lot of referrals this week, but we had no new investigators. We are going to change some things up to make it better. Hopefully we can make new investigators a habit again.
We have a few more people who want to be baptized- so we'll try to get them to that point as soon as possible. I love to see how every person has been found by a miracle. God works so much harder than we do.
   I'm trying to work on my prayers so that I can pray with more faith. Faith is the best. Hopefully we can keep things up this week. We are going to try to set our view higher. There’s a lady doing sign language video call in one of the computers at the internet cafe- it's pretty cool. 
   Here are some pictures of the baptism.

-Elder Dazey

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