Monday, August 17, 2015

The Chance to Train Again!

     Things are going great here. We are working our tails off. I got to do 3 baptismal interviews this week. It was awesome. We had our interviews with President. Man was it awesome. He came to our stake center, and when I walked into his office, I felt like I was on holy ground. He taught me a lot about the power of planning, and we talked about Elder Portillo a bit. I got a call on Thursday. Elder Hale is going to have a BROTHER. Haha-mission family jokes. I'm gonna train again! He get's here tomorrow. Hopefully we can get a picture in the transfers of me, my trainee, Elder Hale, Elder Sosa, and my Uncle in the mission. President told us that we can't tell anyone how much time we have in the mission anymore. I'm excited to see if we can make it 2 transfers without the members of our area figuring out how much time we have in the mission  :D I can't wait for tomorrow. I'm really excited. I love getting a brand, new companion. I keep trying to imagine the many different ways in which he could be, and what he will be like after a 2 week adjustment to the mission. I'M SO EXCITED! I will train him with all my heart, might, mind, and strength.
     Elder Portillo and I have been doing well this week. I'm gonna miss him :( We managed to get some great work done with the less actives this week. THESE MEMBERS ARE GOING TO CHURCH! YES! We planned to get more new investigators than what we did, and we worked super hard to do it, but we at least managed one last night in the last hour of the day. She accepted baptism, and happened to know the brother of the Ward who was accompanying us. It was a great lesson! She even had a piano, so we sang a hymn while the brother, who came with us, played.
     I realized that most of the times that we plan, things don't go as planned, but I think that it is good that way. Sometimes I think that God makes sure that someone is not home so that we go with someone else who needs our help at that time. And because we planned-we manage to be in the right place at the right time. We got to visit that sister because another lesson fell through. We hadn't even planned to see her, but we were prepared in that moment to remember her name when she would be home.
It's been a good week, and I'm excited for this one. 

Elder Dazey 

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