Sunday, April 26, 2015

Seeing Others Through Celestial Eyes

I love you mom. Thanks for your last letter, I actually didn't even get time to read it. We had a lot of stuff to do. I really need to see this new companion through celestial eyes. My companion's name is Elder Diaz, he is from Victoria Tamaulipas in northern Mexico. I am in Cholula. The area is nice. We have a whole shopping center in my area. The members are nice. The work will hopefully get a little better as we go. When you search Puebla in google you always see that cathedral on a hill with the mountain in the background right? That "hill," actually a pyramid, is right next to my area) To answer your questions, we live in an apartment. We got here by taxi. The zone isn't that far. I love my companion. Like Chellie said, she didn't get to be really good buds with all of her companions, I'm still not totally sure with this one. The past week has been good. The whole ward is our area. I think like 150 members came to church on Sunday. The weather is nice. It doesn't rain as much here. I try my best to be happy. Pray for me that this week will go better. I'm excited to skype on Mother’s Day too :D I am the senior companion. My companion has almost the exact same amount of time in the mission as I do.
   I’m so happy for Alex being able to start his Day Program. YAY FOR THE ENRICHMENT CENTER! That makes me happy :D
I think about you guys and pray for you every day. Just keep praying for me. Give me lots o lovin :D
Elder Dazey

   Honestly, I like the questions. They help. Could you guys send me pictures every week? Also, Could you and Dad email me about what it was like to be new converts?
-Elder Dazey

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