Friday, February 6, 2015

The Fine Tuning of Missionary Work

This past week there seemed to be a problem with the church server and receiving missionary letters in some parts and so I emailed the Mission Presidents for Sister-Chellie Dazey and Elder Benjamin Dazey and they were allowed to resend their letters which came today so here they are:
Elder Benjamin Dazey wrote:
I got the Christmas package you sent on Thursday along with a package from Anna that had a very yummy cookie Christmas tree. We ate it that night! J
We have learned a lot, and with the fast that we just had, I could immediately see blessings. We immediately planned a chart to put on our wall to plan for all of our investigators. This came because of the fast, and that I was reading through the things our mission president told us to do, the Area Mexico Plan 2015, and the things that our District Leader has told us. I decided in that moment that I wanted to talk with Elder Hale about how we could change the way that we are doing the work in order to do it in that way, because I know that that is how we will find success. I felt a little lost at first in this 6 weeks, but I feel that we have a good direction now. 
The way that we have been doing a lot of the teaching is that Elder Hale does all the teaching that he can, and then I explain the things that they might not have understood. His Spanish is very good, and he will get a lot better quick. We are going to be changing a lot for the better this week. We have new plans and we are setting new goals. We made our "wall list" to be able to focus on a few people and continually change who we'd be focusing on because we will be finding new investigators. We put a checklist of key indicators by each name to try to put them in an order of who we think will progress the quickest. We call our list "The Chosen of God." We are going to start sending a scripture text to our investigators every day. 
Hale taught me how to make a better language study plan this week. He's been able to teach almost every part of the first 4 lessons to investigators, and they have understood him very well. I learned a lot about the work, and we found less active members that I had never seen while I was in exchanges with Elder Camacho. We have a baptism this Saturday, and one of our investigators returned from vacation and hopefully she will also be baptized soon. The baptism this Saturday is of a grandma that I had contacted on a bus one day, and her two grandkids. They are awesome, and they asked me to baptize them. Elder Hale and I are very excited. (Pictures soon to follow) Elder Hale and I are becoming better friends every day. I'm loving it. 
Could you also send me a picture of Colin's face without braces? I HOPE EVERYTHING IS GOING WELL. I pray for you guys every day. Go baptize a million in the temple! 

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