Friday, February 13, 2015

First Baptism!

 We had a very uplifting experience as we were both able to enter the baptism waters this week with our investigators! I believe that they will stay faithful as long as they have the three things they need. We are helping them by nourishing them with the good word of God, and we will continue by helping them have friends. We will make sure Maria Elena has a calling soon. We are finding more people to teach as we use Como Se Llama. We haven't been able to see some of the investigators that we know will progress the fastest this week, and we are worried about losing contact, because at least one of them got a new job and works a lot now. I want to be able to continue feeling excited for this work. I don't want us to come to a halt with this baptism. We have many people to help, and we don't have the time to help them all, but I want to be able to help as many as we can.
We got to see a family go through a great change this week. When I was with Elder Sosa we visited them once and they had said that they would not be baptized because they had already been baptized. We knew that they needed to understand the priesthood, but they obvously weren't going to progress as fast as others, so we left them for a while. Elder Hale and I recently saw them in the street and we set up an appointment with them. We taught them very clearly about the priesthood. They accepted baptism. Needless to say, I was very excited. They had had a big change of heart, and hopefully they will now progress.
Elder Hale continues to progress and teach me new things. We
 are learning from are mistakes together. I've found that Elder Hale almost understands everything that people are saying to him now, or at least the really important things. I used to explain a conversation to him afterward, but now when I do, he says that he understood :D I'm so glad that he is coming along well. We are making more changes that will hopefully increase his and our progression substantially. He is learning to teach well. He memorized the ordinance of baptism, and was able to put it to practice this week. I feel like I love him the more we talk. I love to talk with him. He and I have a lot in common.
I don't feel stressed almost at all anymore. I studied The Fourth Missionary a little today and the talk "Are we not all Beggars?" by Elder Holland. I felt really good. I realized that as I focus on forgetting about myself and getting to know God, I will become like him. I want to forget who I am. I don't want to get to know who I am, because who I am in this moment is a person who is not like God. I realized after reading in the teaching skills chapter with Elder Hale for companion study that something that I was horribly neglecting in my personal studies was the attributes of Christ. It says that we need to study the attributes of Christ, the lessons, and our mission language, and beyond that listen to the spirit and then we can be good teachers. I loved that, because I love studying attributes of Christ, my patriarchal blessing, and Adjusting to Missionary Life. I will try to work those things into my study more. I was looking over some of the things that I wasn't doing so well this week, and today I decided to talk to Elder Hale about those things and set some goals to change them for the better. We had much more effective studies today for the little things we changed (Like not eating, and talking in Spanish more) and I hope that I can continue being a good example with that so that we can progress more as a companionship. A day at a time. 
   Well today I took Elder Hale downtown and showed him the giant Cathedral. We ate the 5 peso tacos that I love so much, and we had a lot of fun. It felt good. Our baptism was of Maria Elena, Jafeth, and Benjamin. She is their Grandma. They are really awesome. She only moved her like 4 or 5 months ago to live with them, and I had contacted her on the bus. Now they're members! I'm so excited for them! Elder Hale and I felt really good doing that, and we are excited to keep going and hopefully be able to do it again soon! Elder Hale was telling me something awesome about eternal families that he read in the Liahona (Agradecida por los convenios del Templo) But in english it means Thankfulness for the Blessings of the Temple. 
I love you guys! Till next week! 

-Elder Dazey 

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