Monday, November 3, 2014

Getting started in Mexico

My companion is from Querétaro, Mexico. He only speaks Spanish. It´s great :D So, I taught a lot in the MTC, but for some reason I have a harder time here. (Probably because I can only follow 60-80 percent of the conversation) But I have contacted someone on the bus without my companions help. He is starting to ask me to do a lot. It´s not that I can´t teach, it´s that I don´t always know what the last thing they said was. We will have a lesson tonight though, and I will teach a lot of it. Sacrament was good. The people are nice. We really just need people to accompany us to appointments and things.
 People don´t believe me at first and then I explain. Usually a missionary from The USA will say something like "Haha! A mexican that doesn´t speak Spanish" They like to make jokes ;D  Elder Sosa is super service oriented. He finds every opportunity to serve me, and I´m trying to be more like him.  
We have a Little apartment house thing. Two stories, 1 bedroom, 1 Bathroom, kitchen/study área.  All of the lessons that the sisters before us set up, fell through. We´re gonna baptize them all though :D  We need to find these people. We don´t have many to teach yet. So far I don't need a bike, in answer to your question. 
 I was studying today and thought about how the first principles of the góspel are like a pyramid, and that you have to have a foundation of Faith in order to have the desire and power to repent. Build Faith and Love for Christ, and anyone can repent of anything. I love you guys. Tell Julia to keep up her scripture reading. There is another Elder in my district that did marching band. Tell Aaron that kids everywhere are the same. The boys were playing Minecraft in the bathroom at Church on Sunday ;) Tell Alex I love him, and that I think about him a lot. My wards name is Margarita, which means 'daisy' in Spanish.  Haha. They think it´s cute that I´m a ¨Daisy¨
With Love,
Elder Dazey

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