Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Loving the Work

In my letter to Benji this week, I told him this story:Today in RS we were talking about missionary work and Sister Torgersen said that at one point during her husband's guitar making and selling business, he was having a lot of people coming into their home who looked very different than the people that they would see at church. She said that they were all nice people and it was interesting to get to know a lot of them. Years later, now that her sons have gone on missions, they write back and tell her that they are very grateful for the lessons their parents taught them about getting to know and love people for who they are on the inside and not for what they look like on the outside. There have been times that one of her sons has felt inspired to go up to someone to talk about the Gospel and their companion has said that he wasn't sure about that person because they look a little "Sketchy". And Elder Torgersen's response was "And? That should stop us?"
She says that she has always told them to 'Look on the heart and not on outward experiences when approaching people about the gospel.' I thought that that sounded like very wise words and something that might help you on your mission. Benji's said in his letter:
Thanks for the story from Sister Torgerson. My Spanish is getting a lot better. The more humble I am, and the more that I listen, the more that I learn. Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll share them with Elder Sosa, and hopefully we can apply them. There wasn't much Day of the Dead in Galaxia (my área) Elder Sosa says that in other places there is a lot more. Mostly I just saw kids trick or treating for a few days straight.
The misión is going great. Elder Sosa Works hard, and I like to work hard too, so we are pretty obedient (though there is a lot to improve, always :D) We are helping one family prepare to be sealed in the temple, and our lesson with them was really cool this week. I love working. I want to learn everything that Elder Sosa does so that I can be better. Today we had a really cool activity with our zone. We literally played sports and ate pizza. It's great to take a break and play soccer and stuff. Weird how much more I like sports now. Elder Sosa and I were looking at some church paintings, and noticed that all of the righteous people were super buff. So our goal is do be nephites, because all of the most righteous people are buff, right?
Teaching is great. The church is true. Mexico is better every day. I love you Mom!
-Elder Dazey

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